Anyone Know of An Apartment For Rent?

November 14, 2007 by
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Yesterday I received a disconcerting email from my buddy Noel, the chap who was responsible for helping me share the gift of pervy Polka with the masses. He writes:

i was informed today by my landlord that my house (on Green Street) has been sold, will soon be demolished to become (probably) condos, and we all must vacate by jan 6th. boy, this makes my day. too bad because i like GP. and too bad because i probably can’t afford to find another affordable place here!

Just what this neighborhood needs: more rental property being razed to build condos. Ordering someone to vacate on the heels of the holiday season is pretty damned rotten as well.

Noel (and his roommate’s) price range is ~$1,200 a month for a two bedroom. Granted, this figure is a little low— but I cannot shake the feeling there’s a suitable rent-stabilized apartment somewhere in the Garden Spot in that will fit the bill. If anyone knows of some digs that fit the above requirements, please post them in the comments. Let’s try to help a fellow Greenpointer (and all-around nice guy) find a new home.

Miss Heather


6 Comments on Anyone Know of An Apartment For Rent?

  1. jukeboxgraduate on Wed, 14th Nov 2007 7:27 pm
  2. That’s going to be really, really tough. But, t hose are the streets you could still get $1200-1000 two years ago.

    I would walk up and down the street and ask everyone you see. I would flier the buildings. I would look up landlords of every building in north greenpoint on property shark and call and ask. because these are going to go within five minutes of being shown.

  3. dupreciate on Thu, 15th Nov 2007 3:15 pm
  4. I thought a rental lease protected you from sales? Don’t the new owners have to honor the leases?

  5. nbenford on Thu, 15th Nov 2007 4:52 pm
  6. Aw shucks, that’s kind of you, Heather! No, we have no lease so no protection. Our range is higher than $1,200, probably up to $1,800, that’s just what we’ve been paying, and we like it. We know we won’t find another $1,200.

  7. Steve of Astoria on Thu, 15th Nov 2007 6:28 pm
  8. Have the obituaries worked for anyone, or is that just a myth?

  9. lagringa on Sat, 17th Nov 2007 9:58 am
  10. You can find a two bedroom in that price range in Astoria near the Broadway N stop. There are some pretty decently priced apartments around here still.

  11. jukeboxgraduate on Sat, 17th Nov 2007 10:22 am
  12. the obituaries might work if you were looking for something, in, say, the dakota, or some other name building, because those are the only buildings where the obituary might mention where someone lived. and these days, when people don’t have landlines or make sure they are unlisted in the phone book, it would be precious hard to take an obituary section and correlate it to an address.

    i know people think the whole walking around idea is stupid and pointless but i have to tell you that near me i have seen three apartments being renovated. and if i was looking i would politely knock on the door or leave an equally polite note about my situation and that i would like to stay in greenpoint if possible and that you were gainfully employed and could provide references etc. and here’s my phone number. now, they might have a tenant already, they might be renovating it for their mom, or they might say, ‘what an industrious young man, they’re out walking the streets of greenpoint trying to stay here. let me give them a call, looking for a tenant sucks, if i can find someone right now without having to go through craiglist, let’s go for it.’

    but i realize that that involves actual work and is thus completely against the hipster ethos.

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