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This week has been a sore reminder to me that there are two distinct groups of people in this world:

  1. The ones who create and/or innovate and
  2. the parasites who (having no talent or wherewithal to speak of) feed off of them.

To plagiarize or not to plagiarize?

Speaking as a person who is firmly grounded in group #1, that is a question I have never had to ask myself. No sir. I actually took the numerous warnings I received from my graduate and undergraduate professors about this practice seriously.

This doesn’t mean I do not find the issue on my doorstep, though: I do. With increasing and alarming frequency. To this end I have created the following worksheet for wannabe journalists who— through their own incompetence, laziness or simple lack of ethics— wish to be very real plagiarizers of New York Shitty!

NYS Plagiarism Worksheet

Please be a dear and let me know what you plan on “appropriating” so I can prepare myself to find it your publication. Miss Heather hates surprises. And let’s face facts: it’s the least you can do after profiteering off my labor of love. I even made most of this worksheet multiple choice so you needn’t waste your valuable time by having to think… or WRITE!

All you have to do is save the above jpeg to your desktop, fill it out and return it to me, Miss Heather, at:

plagiarism (at)*

I thank you in advance for your immediate attention to this matter.


Miss Heather

*This is a real email address.


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