Hard Hat Hannah Speaks (Sort Of)

December 19, 2007 by
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Hannah Reading Comments

As I indicated in this post, anyone wishing to contact Hard Hat Hannah, New York City’s littlest building inspector, can do so here at New York Shitty —and the missives are slowly trickling in. This morning I relayed incoming emails and comments to Hannah and she would like to thank everyone for their gracious outpouring of support:

…Will we be seeing more of Hannah on NYS? I sure hope so.

She should be the new Commissioner!

…May she show up at as many of these shitholes as her little feet (?) will allow, and I hope she becomes as well-known, and as ubiquitous as, the giant rat that haunts anti-union sites. I hereby announce the formation of the first 3H Club. Hard Hat Hannah for Mayor in 2009!

Being the dedicated civil servant she is, Hannah is not the kind of lady to sit on her laurels. If for no other reason, because she has no laurels to sit upon. Today she is going “in the field” to see what’s shaking (hopefully they will not be buildings). Since I am her attache, this means today’s offerings on New York Shitty will be delayed.

Those wishing to contact Hannah in the meantime can do so via comments or by shooting me an email. All tips will remain anonymous unless indicated otherwise.


Hannah & Miss Heather


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