To Whomever Maintains the Fraternal Order of Police Call List

December 27, 2007 by
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As we established earlier this afternoon, “Mrs. Valle” does not live at the number your phone bank employee dialed. I do. I apologize for rudely hanging up on him. He sounded like a very nice chap, but given recent events it was the most courteous response I could muster. Please accept my sincerest apologies.

And remove my number from your call list.


Miss Heather


5 Comments on To Whomever Maintains the Fraternal Order of Police Call List

  1. rexlic on Thu, 27th Dec 2007 8:25 pm
  2. Miss H., you might want to check with the men and women at FOP, but it’s my understanding that police organizations never do any cold-calling fundraising. I do know people who have contributed, only to find out it was fake.

  3. missheather on Thu, 27th Dec 2007 10:02 pm
  4. Well, if it was a scam it was bad luck on their part. When I got off the phone (and over the WTF factor) I laughed my ass off.

  5. nobugs on Thu, 27th Dec 2007 10:58 pm
  6. They cold call me every year. Will have to check on that.

  7. hamburke on Sun, 30th Dec 2007 5:39 am
  8. The FOP is the police union. I had one guy tell me that it wasn’t (that’s the police union, right? No mam. It’s just an organization that supports the police department.). My husband was a cop – I know what I’m talking about. I never thought it was a scam but I guess it could have been.

  9. rexlic on Sun, 30th Dec 2007 2:18 pm
  10. One thing you gotta love is the acronym. Back in 2000, at the height of cop outrage over Bruce Springsteen’s “41 Shots (American Skin)” and its obvious evocation of the Diallo shooting, the head of the state FOP lost his position by calling Bruce, among other things, a “floating fag.”

    And all I could think was, a guy who works with a group called FOP calling someone a FAG?

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