The Algonquin Roundtable, Bushwick Style

October 8, 2006 by
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Here is a delightful exchange a friend of mine heard in Bushwick last night.

Miss Heather

This is funny.

At midnight I went to the deli to get some beer
because I was wrapping up a paper and felt I deserved

There were a bunch of hoody-macs all around the
deli. Tough young hispanic and black dudes hanging
around being cool. They were actually very tall
strapping young men–most of them 6 foot tall.
Which is not common in this neighborhood.

Anyway one of them was ordering a sandwich and the
others were just standing around being in the way.
I got my beer came back and they were oblivious to
being in my way. So I said, “Hey you all in line?”

Not yet, sweety, said one of them.

They let me in line.

They guy got his sandwich and looked at me. His
friends said, “Damn how many layers you need on that
thing, dawg.”

And he said “I’m a growing boy. At least my meat

I was just trying with all my might to keep a
straight face because, I’m sorry, his comic timing
was impeccable.

One of his friends goes, “dude, I didn’t need to
hear that.”

And he goes “it wasn’t meant for you to hear, but it
sounds like you be listening”

I am impressed by the subtlety by that last quip.
He didn’t have to say “fag” he just let it be implied.


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