South Brooklyn Photos du Jour: Springtime Special

April 13, 2008 by
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A long time ago a colleague of mine Flatbush Gardener objected to me referring to Cobble Hill, Boredom Hill, Carroll Gardens, Red Hook, etc., as being “south Brooklyn”. Although he brought up a very salient point, e.g.; there is much of Brooklyn to be found south of the previously mentioned neighborhoods, I care not to tread the minefield as to where said neighborhoods begin and end.

I read enough bullshit about neighborhood demarcations in north Brooklyn already*. Thus I have seen fit to refer to this area collectively as “south Brooklyn”. If for no other reason because if one lives in Greenpoint (as I do), the rest of our fine borough qualifies as being “south” anyway.

I mention the previous caveat because yesterday the Mister and I shook things up a bit. Not only did we sojourn outside of Greenpoint, but we hopped on the G train and walked around “south Brooklyn”. Follows are some photographs I took there. Enjoy!

Sunbathing on Court Street.

Horror vacui at 2nd Place.

Mixed signals at West 9th Street.

And a lovely sunset on Columbia Street.

Miss Heather

*If the local Realtors here are to be believed, Bushwick and Greenpoint are shrinking, but “Williamsburg” keeps getting bigger and bigger. Go figure.


2 Comments on South Brooklyn Photos du Jour: Springtime Special

  1. rheingold on Sun, 13th Apr 2008 2:39 am
  2. Correct-amundo! These neighborhoods were indeed known as South Brooklyn Back In The Day (before real estate agents sat up nights thinking up nifty names to gentrify the ol’ place). And I’m waiting to see the first condo ad for East Flatbush describing it as “minutes away from Williamsburg’s trendy shops, bars and cafes”.

    You know Williamsburg As We Knew It is finished when the Broadway is used as the setting for an SUV ad, complete with wide-eyed hipsters. Oh, the humanity….

  3. Xris (Flatbush Gardener) on Sun, 13th Apr 2008 8:50 am
  4. As a neighborhood name, “South Brooklyn” works for me as well as “Flatbush” does. As long as “Brooklyn” refers not to the borough, but the city, or the village, of Brooklyn. They harken back to the 1890s, prior to, first Brooklyn, then NYC, consolidation.

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