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May 12, 2008 by
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I recently bumped into the person who keeps Mordred, the best dressed Chihuahua in Greenpoint. Her keeper (I will not disclose this person’s name) said to me:

Someone (upon recognizing Mordred) came up to me and asked “Are you Heather?”

Anticipating the worst (I have had lit cigarettes flicked at me for no other reason than being alive), I asked:

Was she nice?

Mordred’s Person replied:

At first I was confused because I have a good friend named Heather. But she said she was a big fan of your blog.

To wit I said:

You should have said you were me. I wouldn’t mind.

I mention this because yesterday on Graham Avenue I discovered Mordred has some stiff competition as the foremost four-legged fashionista of north Brooklyn.

Meet Dixie Cup. She is a resident of Williamsburg and just like her person sports a bone fide Mohawk. Check out the leopard print frock. Very nice.

Also of note are her assless pants. Or would these be chaps? In any case they are very David Lee Roth-esque. Maybe that’s why he wore them? It wasn’t exhibitionism: he simply didn’t want to drop trou in order to go to the bathroom.

Thoughts, anyone?

Miss Heather


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