Hongo Love: One Of Life’s Mysteries Solved

June 30, 2008 by
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Life has a strange way of unfolding. Just over a week ago I wrote about the latest salvo of visual discomfort the MTA has seen fit to let advertisers inflict on public transportation patrons: Hongo Killer.

My immediate reaction to the above image was as follows:

  1. Why are they forcing us to look at people’s feet?
  2. This is kind of gross.
  3. I wonder if someone gets turned on by athlete’s foot?

As it would happen the junk shop recently got in a shipment of a very special nature. Among the “marital aids”, leather restraints and yes, enemas, was a stack of a magazines called Foot Fraternity. The following is a personals ad from the thirtieth issue.

So there have you. You go to the local pharmacy and outlay $8.00 for a tube of Hongo Killer or you can contact this guy and receive treatment for no money whatsoever. I suppose it is entirely a matter of priorities. Are you are a hongo lover or a hongo fighter?

Miss Heather


One Comment on Hongo Love: One Of Life’s Mysteries Solved

  1. rowan on Mon, 30th Jun 2008 7:45 pm
  2. ok, call me a babe-in-the-woods but what does 19/itchy, sweaty 21/const., etc. mean?

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