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As I have intimated, Mister Heather had this week off from work. When not doing such exciting stuff as attending Community Board meetings or walking around Queens, we have spent our time hanging around the apartment. Two people and four cats in (maybe) 425 square feet of space can present certain challenges. And I like to exacerbate them by finding ways to get on the Mister’s nerves.

Miss Heather: You are a real treasure.
Mr. Heather: You should be happy to have me, for all the free I.T. support I give you.
Miss Heather (waving a copy of Foot Fraternity magazine): No, that’ s not it. After trying to find ways to eliminate the smell of your dirty socks I had an epiphany. People will pay cold hard cash to smell them! Think of the money we could make!!!
Mr. Heather: Thanks for making fun of me.
Miss Heather: I’m serious.

Well, long story made sort the Mister wasn’t having it. This is a shame as I thought it was a sterling idea. In any case, I found the following image in the above-mentioned magazine and thought it too good not to pass along.

Miss Heather: HAHAHAHAHA!
Mr. Heather: What’s so funny?
Miss Heather: Check this out.
Mr. Heather: That guy reminds me of Alistair Cooke.
Miss Heather: Yeah. The feature he is introducing is They Died With Their Boots On followed by a naughty little flick called They Died With Their Boots OFFor would that be My Left Foot? Or The Man With the One Red Shoe?!? Oh wait, I’ve got it: FOOTLOOSE!
Mr. Heather: Pardon me, would you happen to have any Grey Poupon… for my bunions?

In all seriousness, this photograph is crying out to be captioned. Anyone out there up to the challenge?

Miss Heather


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  1. bitchcakes on Wed, 16th Jul 2008 1:18 pm
  2. I am not up to the caption contest, but I nearly choked as I scrolled down. I was NOT expecting that!

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