Dung of the Day (of Indeterminate Mammalian Origin)

January 30, 2007 by
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Refried Shit

I found this pile of puddin’ poo at 1075 Manhattan Avenue last night. My husband and I were taking a couple of friends to the Acapulco Restaurant for dinner. They kept walking as I took the above photo, so I had to run to catch up with them. It would be a crime to let such an exquisite specimen go undocumented. In fact, I was so proud of this find that I showed it to them whilest we were dining. (Probably not the wisest thing to do given that we were in a Mexican restaurant. Oh well.)

A connubial debate followed as to whether this feces was of canine or human origin:

  • My husband asserted that if said feces was located near a corner or some other means of support, it was human. It wasn’t— and therefore, it must be canine.
  • I countered that people drop trou here at the drop of a hat. They have neither the time nor the wits about them to be so discriminating when it comes to selecting a venue for public defecation. What’s more, this pile of shit was located rather close to the Greenpoint Hotel.

Then again, who really knows?

Miss Heather


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  1. ThatDork on Wed, 31st Jan 2007 7:36 pm
  2. yeah.
    shit’s shit.

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