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As part of their series of films featuring one of my favorite actors, Elliot Gould, this month B.A.M. will be featuring a movie that has long been on my “to watch” list: Little Murders.

Why would this movie interest me, you ask? Well, I’ll let my colleague over at Self-Absorbed Boomer answer that question for me. He writes:

In Little Murders (1971), directed by Alan Arkin, with screenplay by Jules Feiffer, Elliott Gould… played Alfred Chamberlain, a successful but disillusioned commercial photographer who took to wandering the Upper West Side shooting photos of what, in those pre-pooper-scooper law days, could all too easily be found on the sidewalks. He explained this unusual avocation by saying that he’d received several awards for work he’d done–photographs of consumer products that were used in advertising–that he considered artistically without merit, and that this made him conclude that he might as well be taking pictures of shit. Eventually, he had mounted at a gallery a show of his excremental photos, and men in suits or sport jackets and women in cocktail dresses or pants suits were shown at the opening, sipping chardonnay and admiring his works. During the party, someone (as I recall, Alfred’s fiancee, Patsy) said she thought his photos were lovely, and added, “and they’re all …?” He nodded affirmatively.

Tickets for all three showing of this film can be had by clicking here or calling (718) 777- FILM (BAM’s theater id number is 545).  General admission will set you back a modest $11.00. Tickets for seniors, students and children cost $7.50 (please see BAM’s web site for details).

Brooklyn Academy of Music
30 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11237

NOTE: After the 6:30 p.m. viewing they will have a Q & A session with Mr. Gould himself!

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