Summer Is Here

August 12, 2008 by
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Is it just me or has summer truly arrived here in New York Shitty? Sure the calender indicates this season arrived back in June and our weather has been unseasonably cool and wet— but I am not one to trifle with empirical data. I leave the crunching of dates and statistics to the experts.

Rather, I am talking about anger. Lots of it. The later the sun sets, the more surly people get. In the last week alone I have seen two people ripping someone a new asshole on Manhattan Avenue. The fact that the objects of their respective ire were not visible to the naked eye is immaterial. We New Yorkers undergo a transformation in summer. It’s not necessarily a pretty one either. Thankfully the city has seen fit to provide us with an ample amount of advertising to take the edge off.

Case In Point: The Visiting Nurse Service of New York

I am of the understanding that there is a lot of money to be made in advertising. Or at the very least a lot of money is spent on it. One would think that during their “focus group” session someone at this ad agency would have had the presence of mind to point out that thought-provoking, “worst case scenario” missives are lost on G train patrons.

Waiting for long periods of time at sewage stench-laden stations to ride what was recently deemed the filthiest subway line in the city predisposes one towards a certain kind of existentialist cynicism.

As does being forced to look at the 21st century’s solution to Jocelyn Wildenstein.

No sir, Ms. Dickinson’s heavily air brushed bod doesn’t sweeten the pot one bit.

What’s more, reminders that some of us might stand to lose a pound or two only pisses us off.

I quite aware that advertising sees fit to capitalize off the viewer’s vanity/insecurity. (That’s the only reason I can think of why someone has seen fit to market hair dye for pubic hair, anyway.) When one rides the G train such frippery goes straight out the window. Who cares about looking good (or having dignity for that matter) when he (or she) is doing his (or her) best not to throw up?

Think about it.

Miss Heather

UPDATE: It looks like the folks at 23rd – Ely aren’t too big on Ms. Dickinson either.

P.S.: If any advertising/product placement wizards are reading this, give Greenpoint more Dexter posters. We seem to like those.


2 Comments on Summer Is Here

  1. rowan on Tue, 12th Aug 2008 12:59 pm
  2. to cheer themselves up, perhaps riders could check out the Keller Business school poster on the Manhattan-bound platform of the 23rd-Ely E/V station. it is edited to include “whores” as a bonus to having a campus in Long Island City. get a degree and sexual relief at the same place!

  3. cbtin on Tue, 12th Aug 2008 4:13 pm
  4. If the ads weren’t begging to be vandalized, who would stop and scrutinize them, much less take pictures? The only time I see people on the platform looking at ads is when the ads are scribbled over, so the Visiting Nurse ads may be ingenius, no?

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