131 Huron Street vs. 110 Green Street

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I recently mentioned that the peeps hereabouts are not too happy with the construction going on at 110 Green Street. Not only do the ten— yes TEN— surveillance cameras they have posted along Green Street offend the local populace (Mr. Johnson, if you are listening: this is Greenpoint, not Compton), but the noise is something AWFUL. If I cannot get away from the din of their pounding pile driver half a block away, I can only imagine what it must be like to reside in an apartment directly adjacent to this site.

I have yet to speak to a single person in this ‘nabe who approves of this project. Everyone I have talked to resents this obnoxious, ugly, noisy and (very) unnecessary slab of (yet more) ‘luxury development’. But talk is just that: talk.

One local landlord is actually trying to do something about it.

Goliath, meet your David:

131 Huron Street

131 Huron Street, managed by one Larry Schwab. This humble tenement building has the dubious honor of abutting the 110 Green Street construction site on two sides: east and north. I am certain the fact that 131 Huron’s eastern wall was rendered ‘plumb’ a little shy of 10 years ago is one source of concern to Mr. Schwab (otherwise the building’s record per the DOB and HPD was pretty clean). But I strongly suspect fielding calls from angry tenants is the primary fly in his proverbial ointment. The poor souls whose apartments are located in the rear of this building (or worse yet, the tenants of this garage apartment) have got to be going out of their fucking minds from the noise and lack of privacy.

As it happens, I spoke to Mr. Schwab briefly this evening via telephone and got the scoop. Here is a synoposis of what he told me…

  1. He has attempted to work with the management of 110 Green in good faith.
  2. 110 Green told him that engineers would be on hand to ensure that the demolition/construction process would be as unobtrusive as possible to his tenants andthe well-being of his property.
  3. This did not happen.
  4. Mr. Schwab’s tenants are going apeshit. Some want to move out (understandably).
  5. He also has concerns about 110 Green undermining the stability of his building.
  6. His calls to 110 Green are not being returned, so…
  7. he is taking the matter to court.

I have no doubt that this is going to get very, very interesting. Per Mr. Schwab, he is getting calls from (other) angry residents who are tired of getting banged repeatedly by Magic Johnson’s crew. Stay tuned!*

Miss Heather

*Or you can read the New York Sun. Mr. Schwab has been contacted by a reporter from this paper, but has yet to be interviewed. NY Sun: you’ve just been out-scooped by the Dog Shit Queen of Greenpoint. Mazel Tov! 🙂

P.S.: I’d like to give a shout-out to my homeboy at The Gowanus Lounge for pointing out the flaccid pile driver in the photo featured in this post. I don’t know much about such devices. Prior to this contraption making my life utter hell I thought the term ‘pile driver’ meant Ron Jeremy’s ‘equipment’.





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  1. Lara on Mon, 9th Apr 2007 5:09 pm
  2. Miss Heather-

    Great site! Thought you might like to see my video of this so called “pile driver” (new term for me as well). And just so you know…yep, I reside directly in front of this hell hole…look right out over it. The video was shot from my window. Check it out at http://onesweetworld.wordpress.com/2007/03/28/not-magic-to-my-ears/. Just in case you didn’t get enough of it already!!

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