Boobification Photo du Jour: Teamwork

October 21, 2008 by
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One of the joys of being a boobifier is one never knows when a very special opportunity will present itself. Case in point: last Friday night while walking with a friend on Dean Street.

Me (rustling through my backpack): I am so totally hitting this.
Friend & Mr. Heather: No, you need to shoot from this angle.
Miss Heather (tries said angle): No go.
Friend: You’re probably going to have to do this in the day time, the back lighting is messing with your light meter.
Mr. Heather: Here (futzes with camera) now point it at the tits.
Miss Heather: Ok. (takes picture)
Miss Heather: It’s out of focus. Wait a minute, I have an idea (futzes with camera and then takes ten steps back). IT WORKED!
Mr. Heather: Yeah, but you cut it off on the left hand corner.
Miss Heather: Okay I’ll try again. (tries again) That’s pretty good.
Friend: Yeah, but you need to do it again.
Miss Heather: Why?
Friend: You need to get the top of the dickhead’s head!

It took a couple more tries, but I finally achieved perfection.

What kind of a Brooklyn boobifier would I be without including our very own Borough President in my project? Sorry Marty, I take no prisoners! 😉

Miss Heather


2 Comments on Boobification Photo du Jour: Teamwork

  1. bitchcakes on Tue, 21st Oct 2008 8:17 pm
  2. Thanks for the chuckle 🙂

  3. judes on Wed, 22nd Oct 2008 10:33 am
  4. Those nipples are starting to look a bit chapped. Might want to moisturize!

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