Williamsburg Photos du Jour: W.W.O.W.?

October 26, 2008 by
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(Or, What Would Obama Wear?)

Last week the Democrats had a field day when they learned Sarah Palin has been lavished with $150,000 worth of clothing courtesy of the R.N.C. This in turn to speculation about Michele Obama’s clothing expenditures. Accounts very from $150 off-the-rack fare to frocks costing $900 and up. While disquieting, I am for the most part disinterested. If the Republican Party wants to outlay a such a sum on the She Wolf of Wasilla it is their prerogative. And if Ms. Palin agreed to run for Veep under the pretense of getting six figures of blue chip swag I can’t honestly say I blame her. In fact, it would betray a hitherto unknown element of (dare I say it?) cleverness on her part. But I digress.

What I want to know is what Barack wears when he’s out of the media spotlight.

Thankfully the Brooklyn Industries store on Bedford Avenue has seen fit to shed some light on this matter.

Let’s take the middle ensemble item by item shall we?

  1. One pair of “Shuckers” denim pants: $88.00
  2. One “So Hip” belt: $38.00
  3. One “Great Jones” turtleneck: $52.00
  4. I couldn’t find the hat he’s sporting here on Brooklyn Industries web site, so we’ll go with this “Soft Ribbon Hat” instead: $36.00
  5. Same goes for the black top worn atop the “Great Jones” turtleneck. We’re going to splurge a little and roll with this Norfolk Jacket: $148.00
  6. But what to do about the breasts? A pair of “Rugby Striped Crews” should do the trick: $9.00 (Marked down from $12.00!)

Grand Total: $371.00

But the above outfit isn’t really my kind of thing. Let’s go with this get-up instead!

Grand Total: $212.00

In closing I would like to thank Brooklyn Industries for providing me with a most enjoyable time waster during last night’s miserable weather. Do you think you guys could throw a McCain mask on one of these mannequins? It’s not that I like the man or anything (I don’t). Rather, I’d just like to see him grinning inanely while wearing a dress.

Miss Heather


One Comment on Williamsburg Photos du Jour: W.W.O.W.?

  1. rheingold on Sun, 26th Oct 2008 5:35 pm
  2. Proving once again that the Nixon style is timeless. Nixon was known as Washington’s fastest dresser. He was said to have been able to be fully dressed (suit and tie) two-and-a-half minutes after waking up. Probably because he slept in his clothes.

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