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I have been long overdue announcing (what could very well be) some good news on the north Brooklyn restaurant front: the opening of an honest-to-god Greek restaurant! Curious(ly optimistic) I went inside to take a look.

They have done an absolutely beautiful job of renovating this space.

I briefly spoke to the restaurant’s owner, a very nice lady named Maria Douralas (who can been seen above at the left). She explained to me that she named her restaurant Santorini as that is where her father hails from (for the record, her mother was from Naxos). She asked me if I knew anything about Greek food. To wit I replied:

You bet your ass I do. I’ve lived in Astoria.

We both had a good laugh over that one.

Of particular interest to your truly is they are offering scordalia. A veritable garlic lover’s delight. Imagine if you will hummus— on steroids —and you pretty much get the idea. This is probably not the best item to order on a date but that doesn’t really matter much to me: I’m married.

At this time Santorini is a cash-only establishment. I imagine this will change once they get their credit card related business in order. You can peruse their eat-in menu and specials by clicking here and here. Their takeout menu can be seen by clicking here.

Santorini (parked)
167 Grand Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Fax: 718-388-3669

Miss Heather

P.S.: You can see more pictures of this establishment over an my flickr page.

UPDATE 11/14/08: I tried out some of their appetizers. They’re pricier than Astoria… but GOOD! As was the service and overall “atmosphere” as well!


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