THIS WEEKEND: A Very Special Sabbath Celebration

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I have a confession to make: I despise the holiday season. Not only are the days too damned short (Sunset at 4:30 p.m.? Is this really necessary?) but the reason for the season seems to be lost on most. Instead of being kind to their fellow man and lending a hand to those less fortunate than themselves many of our fellow New Yorkers are quibbling over who will purchase that last widescreen television, electronic gizmo (that will undoubtedly be obsolete in a year) or trampling some hapless temp at Walmart. In other words acting like class “A” certified assholes. And some Americans have the temerity to wonder why the rest of the world hates us? But I digress.

Fortunately this upcoming weekend there will be an event for people like myself: Monster Island’s 7th Annual Holly Jolly Sabbath.Those of you who are angry, tired, wanting this Christmas thing to be over already and are Black Sabbath fans (like myself) here are the rules.

There is no mention as to whether Ronnie James Dio “Sabbath” will be included in this event. I certainly hope not. I’m an Ozzy gal 100%!

Holly Jolly Sabbath
December 21, 2008 (no time indicated, but I am certain the later you show up the more interesting it will be)
Monster Island
Metropolitan Avenue between Kent Avenue and River Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211

For the record this post was writted while listening to “Crazy Train”.

Miss Heather


3 Comments on THIS WEEKEND: A Very Special Sabbath Celebration

  1. Jay on Tue, 16th Dec 2008 3:10 pm
  2. I’ll be there.

    By the way, up at the top right of the “RULES” side of the flyer you’ll see what I believe says “8PM.”

  3. superclam on Tue, 16th Dec 2008 8:55 pm
  4. All right, I’m not gonna argue with you that Ozzy’s stuff with Sabbath was better than anything that came after, including Dio and the next 9 or so singers (which also includes Dio). It’s mathematically provable.
    Ozzy >> (2Dio + Ian Gillan + David Donato + Glen Hughes + Ray Gillen)
    Yes, I had to go on wikipedia to bring up David Donato’s name.

    I will, however, put forth that “Heaven and Hell” is a better album than those last 2 Sabbath albums, Technical Ecstasy and Never Say Die. I realize I’ll take a lot of flak for this, but I’m standing firm.

  5. soccerposeur on Fri, 19th Dec 2008 6:53 pm
  6. I can’t believe how much I love that flyer. Is this a bring your own wine– or bong– event? anyone know?

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