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I’ve been writing about food a lot of late. I take very little pleasure in doing so: I’m more interested in eating. What’s more, there are women who much are more talented and dedicated writing about gustatory delights than myself. However, I like to pass along a bona fide gem when I find one: Motorino is one such place.


I’ve been casing this establishment for some time. Unlike a lot of restaurants in north Brooklyn a great deal of attention has been given to both the surroundings and the cuisine.


The Mister devoured the meat plate (as seen at left) while I enjoyed Earl Grey tea, cheese and homemade bread.


This anchovy pizza was so loaded with capers and olives I wanted a taste…


but I was perfectly content with my Margherita.

We were fortunate enough to be seated next to a woman who brought her aunt and uncle to give Motorino a whirl. Newspaper clipping in hand auntie asked to talk to the owner of this establishment; he gladly obliged. She recited the provenance of this space for his edification. As it would happen she and her husband have lived on Orient Avenue for 87 years. She was sharp as a tack. What’s more, she liked the food. When the Mister and I asked for take-out boxes her party was concerned we were sending it back because we didn’t like it. We did— albeit too much: we were stuffed!

If the local buzz (and all the delivery we saw getting prepped) is any indication this restaurant’s cult status will not last long. Check it out!*

319 Graham Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11211

(718) 599-8899

In the meantime you can peruse their menu by clicking here.

Miss Heather

*Be advised they have yet to receive their liquor license but are perfectly amenable to you bringing your own wine and beer.


6 Comments on Food Porn Du Jour: Motorino

  1. rutila on Tue, 10th Feb 2009 1:50 pm
  2. If you’re dining at Motorino for dinner, I recommend getting roasted artichokes for an appetizer and finishing with a delicious and light tiramisu. If you want old-school fare that’ll make you feel part of an extended Italian family, Barosa is one block south on Graham; you’ll feel right at home after catching a whiff of garlic upon entering.

  3. yum1 on Tue, 10th Feb 2009 2:20 pm
  4. I really, really like this place. Aside from the good food, we’ve found the service to be friendly AND efficient (not always the case around here, unfortunately). Next time you go, try the oven-roasted vegetables (currently squash and brussel sprouts) and the tiramisu. I’m not much of a dessert fan but their version kills (I assume it’s homemade) and the portion is huge (as it should be for $7).

  5. missheather on Tue, 10th Feb 2009 3:13 pm
  6. I agree Yum1, the service at this establishment is WAY above par.

    I will have to give Barossa whirl the next time I am in the area, rutila.

  7. meganificent on Wed, 11th Feb 2009 3:19 pm
  8. I love love love this place. My boyfriend and I don’t eat out much, but we’ve been here several times since it’s opened. For brunch, the pizza they make with eggs on it is pretty awesome. I really do believe this place will stick around if the service stays as good– it’s not just great food that keeps people coming back.

  9. bitchcakes on Sat, 14th Feb 2009 7:09 pm
  10. Damnit, I just looked up their delivery menu and they stop 3 blocks shy from my apartment. I’m dying for that Margherita pizza right now!!

  11. Tony From Kent Street on Sat, 21st Feb 2009 3:35 pm
  12. the girlfriend and i finally made it to motorino. what a nice place! i chose it after your review of it and glad to say that this place is a winner. and yes the servive is great, they were packed last night, but someone is always there to help you.

    we ordered oysters, roasted squash, baby brussel sprouts with bacon, the meat plate and a Margherita pizza. Everything was really good. Their pizzas are really quite special, almost sweet enough for dessert but alas there was room for their tiramasu.

    i’m ready for more and to try out their brunch. i’m hoping it takes less the half an hour to sit down next time, but this is what happens when you get a new place that is reviewed so well.

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