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After hearing about the armed robbery down at North 11 Street and Union Avenue that went down last weekend I have been jonesing like a lab rat to get down there and behold the scene of the crime personally. More specifically, I wanted to take in the splendor that is what my colleague Bad Advice calls “Rapey Alley”. On February 16, 2009 she writes:

Call me a wuss, but scaffolding is creepy. At least they’ve finally added lights to ours, but so far I have found lurking: a sofa (okay, not creepy, just large), a man’s jacket (obviously torn off his body), and a backpack that someone had helpfully emptied of its contents. Maybe it belonged to the jacket-owner, who knows. But by far, the creepiest thing I’ve found in Rapey Alley lurks after the jump


Not only did I manage to locate the underwear which accompanied the bra Bad Advice found but I happened upon a lot more neat stuff (like the freshly painted but inoperative call box gracing the beginning of this post). Follow are some highlights.


Somebody’s leftover sandwich.


Scaffolding which appears to have been rammed by a motor vehicle.


Some loose electrical wires.


This. Whatever the hell it is.


Evidence of Williamsburg Nazis.


Of course if you want to see some old school developer blight you should head over the North 9th Street between Roebling and Havemeyer.


I like to call this shot “Progress”.


No parking.


The graffiti on this fence reads:

No more condos. Fight gentrification.





Mission accomplished.

Miss Heather


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