New York Shitty Ender: Look At This Fucking Hipster

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This mind numbing moment of zen comes courtesy of a site called Look At This Fucking Hipster. What is L.A.T.F.H., you ask? Well, for starters it is located on Tumblr. Secondly, it offers anywhere between one and photographs daily of hipsters doing whatever hipsters do (often while consuming PBR, it should be noted) accompanied by some of the most trenchant and downright hilarious commentary I have ever read. Real doozies like:

Some people say hip-hop is dead. We just do this to make sure. (This one went with the above video.)

It’s actually really hard to be a pimp when all your bitches have trust funds.

Ah, yes. I’m picking up my prescription for medical cocaine. The name is William S. Burg.

Maybe I should stop snorting all my Rogaine…

and much, much more. Do check ’em out. I guarantee laugh your ass off.

Oh yeah, they also take submissions:

hipsterblog (at) gmail (dot) com

Happy hating!

Miss Heather

P.S.: Special thanks goes out to Andrea for bringing this to my attention. Thanks!


4 Comments on New York Shitty Ender: Look At This Fucking Hipster

  1. bestviewinbrooklyn on Thu, 16th Apr 2009 8:54 pm
  2. I had no idea that hipsters looked and acted like that. I guess I’ve been deluded for the past few years. In fact, my entire ideology of what is and what is not has been shattered. I thought we had some hipsters down here, but I was wrong.

    Personally, I think those youngsters just need a nap and a snack that is low in sodium and sugar. It works for my toddler when he acts like that.

  3. d on Thu, 16th Apr 2009 11:49 pm
  4. I think this was on Gothamist recently, or some local blog that I saw, and I did laugh quite a bit, but some don’t really seem to be hipsters. Does the term now include anyone who doesn’t look entirely mainstream? I don’t consider my friends who sport a metal or punk look hipsters. I usually think of hipsters as sporting that quasi-80s look of those who don’t know better cause they either weren’t old enough or weren’t born yet the first time around. Those of us who are old enough to recall it know much MUCH better. I’ve even seen acid washed denim lately! That’s horrifying. I even hated it back then.

  5. missheather on Fri, 17th Apr 2009 12:02 am
  6. d, I think it basically boils down to trying too hard.

  7. Rebecca11222 on Thu, 23rd Apr 2009 9:06 am
  8. yes, trying too hard for “look” without much consideration of content (i.e.: having to work – and,no, going to school while your parents support your clubbing habit is not really work – in order to be able to live).

    Thanks, Miss H – After New York Shitty and Fuck You Penguin, this is my favorite place to visit…mostly because I actually recognize so many of those photographed.

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