Today’s Bit Of Recession Humor: Pulling The Plug

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mishacalvertI usually do not re-blog material from other sites but I have been deluged with emails regarding this gem, an article from the New York Times entitled (in every conceivable sense of the word) “Parents Pulling The Plug on Williamsburg Trustfunders”. For this reason I feel compelled to pass it along. It even features a quote from Misha Calvert (better known as the organizer of the Mr. and Miss Williamsburg Contest and alleged thief of Colt 45) as seen at left.

Interested parties will be pleased (or distressed) to know Ms. Calvert is wearing substantially more apparel in this tome which my buddy over at Queens Crap called:

Quite possibly the most humorous article of the year.

With such pissers as this:

Luis Illades, an owner of the Urban Rustic Market and Cafe on North 12th Street, said he had seen a steady number of applicants, in their late 20s, who had never held paid jobs: They were interns at a modeling agency, for example, or worked at a college radio station. In some cases, applicants have stormed out of the market after hearing the job requirements.

“They say, ‘You want me to work eight hours?’ ” Mr. Illades said. “There is a bubble bursting.”

and this:

It can be hard to see the signs of financial troubles in Williamsburg because residents are so loath to show that they had money in the first place. Robert Lanham, author of “The Hipster Handbook,” said in an interview that many newer residents tried to blend in with the area’s gritty history and dressed “half the time like they’re homeless people.”

I am inclined to agree. If you have not checked out this article already I encourage you to do so. It’s something else. In closing I’d like to give this piece of advice to Ms. Calvert: if you want to be taken seriously it might be good, for starters, not to be photographed in a gold lame bikini top throwing hand signs.

Just a thought.

Miss Heather

Image Credit: Your Nabe via Free Williamsburg


7 Comments on Today’s Bit Of Recession Humor: Pulling The Plug

  1. rowan on Mon, 8th Jun 2009 6:06 pm
  2. um yeah. no pity for you. i read this via Gothamist this morning. it is utterly lame. i’d like to see the hipster that could handle my hours. that’ll not only burst their bubbles but make them crap their pants.

  3. rheingold on Tue, 9th Jun 2009 12:38 am
  4. I’ll need more convincing that this article isn’t from The Onion.

  5. taco on Tue, 9th Jun 2009 10:59 am
  6. This does seem a little over the top… 28 year olds who have never held a paying job!
    And I can’t believe they printed ‘trustafarian’

  7. Rebecca11222 on Tue, 9th Jun 2009 12:27 pm
  8. The comments to the Times article are most awesome.

  9. Brian H on Tue, 9th Jun 2009 2:27 pm
  10. @rheingold – I perceive the New York Times as a publication that is meant first and foremost for the privileged. Sure, the rest of us are allowed to read, too, but I don’t think I was the intended audience of all those only-thing-I-love-more-than-doing-the-crossword commercials. So to that privileged audience, this article is not only not-satire, but in fact a testament to the part of the recession that actually threatens them.

  11. rheingold on Wed, 10th Jun 2009 12:49 am
  12. NYT gives incredulous ink to this Misha Calvert, writer, who turns up in the breeziest Google search as an “account coordinator” for “a full-service international marketing and public relations firm representing cultural (profit and non-profit) clients.” Such dupes. No wonders newspapers is a goner.

  13. colorbarrs on Wed, 10th Jun 2009 11:53 am
  14. And if the hipster is really set on staying, without parental help and without a 40-hr/week job, they head over to Cafe Grumpy to write for sites like
    THIS looks like it belongs in the Onion!

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