Williamsburg Photo Du Jour: BEER!

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When I stumbled upon this yesterday I knew I simply had to pass it along here. It is part of the old Shaeffer Brewery and hails from South 9 Street and Kent Avenue. Any and all of you who have the time and means should swing by and check it out. It’s absolutely stunning!

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  1. rheingold on Thu, 18th Jun 2009 3:46 am
  2. Back in the day Schaefer and Rheingold (brewed in Bushwick) owned New York. You simply could not find a neighborhood tavern that didn’t serve either, on tap and in seven-ounce bottles. Rheingold sponsored the Mets through thick and thin, then it was Schaefer for a few years after. In the early 70s Rheingold had a TV commercial reeling off a litany of New York things that had become extinct (the five-cent subway fare, the Brooklyn Dodgers, the ten-cent subway fare, the New York Giants…) It wasn’t an advertising campaign as much as an self-obituary, as The Dry Beer dried up for good in 1976. Schaefer was bust-ski by the early 80s. I think the Kent Avenue plant closed in the late 70s but their modern brewery in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania (operated by an out-of-town outfit) kept churning out the swilly until the early 80s.

    Both also had a rousing sing-a-long anthem, and you’re an old-time Brooklynite if you know all the words.

    I’m glad a bit of this proud history is preserved amidst the desolation of luxury condos. Next time I’m in the nabe I’ll pay a visit, and I’m sure I’ll get all misty. And burpy.

    Sic Transit Cerveza.

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