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Subway Type Apartment

I am guessing the author of this advertisement meant to say railroad apartment.

If this is not the case I wonder exactly what constitutes a “subway type apartment”? Does it come furnished with some big dude who will sit on your couch with his legs spread as widely as is humanly possible? Do you have a doorman whose job is sticking his foot in your front door open long enough to let all his friends in? Crazy homeless folk shouting to people only he (or she) can see immediately comes to mind as does having your personal space violated six ways to Sunday due to over-crowding. And lest we forget, there’s always the ubiquitous “stinky person” whose malodorous presence makes his (or her) fellow passengers bolt to the next car gasping for air.

$1,200 a month seems like a lot of money to pay for such amenities when one can pay $81.00 for an unlimited ride Metrocard and experience all the previous…

and much, much more. No deposit necessary.

Miss Heather


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