Nice Moves Part II: The Plot Thickens!

As I have mentioned previously, last weekend I caught up with my buddy Rachael over drinks. One of the topics of our conversation was “Nice Moves Movers which I featured on my site last week. I found it compelling. God only knows the commenters at Daily Intel did. And, well, Rachael did as well. She had spotted their flier at the San Loco on North 5 Street and found it, well, a bit odd. Thinking it was a joke she grabbed it for me.

Last night this item finally found its way into my possession. Truth be told, I was not expecting any surprises (I mean, how can you top “pricing flexible depending on circumstance.”) I was wrong.

Dead wrong.

This is the flier I posted.

And this is the one she found. As you can see there has been a change in the rotation. Why? In any case, here’s what Rachael had to say:

I think the photo at the bottom right was taken in 1976. So when you call some creepy old guy will show up at your apartment.

“Perhaps” I replied:

But in any case I do not think I would want this guy moving my precious Steinway. Provided, of course, I had one. He looks like he would lift up the lid and take a nap in it. Then the other guys would wonder why it is so heavy and lo, he’d pop out. It would be like something straight out of The Three Stooges.

After a shred of affirmation I continued:

What happened to the other two guys? Were they fired?

And so the mystery of Nice Moves Movers continues. This establishment have a Yelp page and yet not a single review has been posted. Once again, if anyone hires these guys I a expect a full review— including exactly who shows up on moving day!

Miss Heather


19 Comments on Nice Moves Part II: The Plot Thickens!

  1. rheingold on Wed, 7th Jul 2010 10:03 am
  2. It’s too hot for shouting matches. Frankie was so much more relaxed back in the 80s…

  3. missheather on Wed, 7th Jul 2010 12:05 pm
  4. I don’t know rheingold. If what I saw yesterday was any indication methinks the police have been quite busy. I saw no less than THREE squad cars parked with officers taking reports from people. The heat is making people crazy. I hope it breaks soon— and we don’t have a blackout! In the meantime methinks I’ll be staying indoors.

  5. Peaches on Wed, 7th Jul 2010 12:53 pm
  6. Pretty sure the guy with the dreads in the upper right hand corner of poster #2 works at Tattoo Culture on Roebling. His name is Fade (not kidding about the name).

  7. missheather on Wed, 7th Jul 2010 12:59 pm
  8. Interesting. My friend Rachael recognized him as being a “local”. What I want to know is what they were thinking with that bottom right photo. It does not exactly engender much faith in their services. I’m certain he’s probably an okay guy— but that photo suggests otherwise. It’s kind of creepy, actually.

  9. KJ on Fri, 9th Jul 2010 11:12 am
  10. So I have these guys reserved for a move tomorrow, July 10. I remember passing this flier on Grand St. and thinking “wtf”.

    Then I saw it again here.

    I had something else lined up that fell through at the last second, so I came here and got the number off the post.

    I will submit a review after we’re done!

  11. missheather on Fri, 9th Jul 2010 3:50 pm
  12. !

  13. meghanlaw on Sun, 11th Jul 2010 7:21 am
  14. Holy shit… I hired these guys two weeks ago. I moved from the Montrose stop in Bushwick to a place on Mcguinness in Greenpoint. I got a login to this site because I figured I owed it to them to write something nice and dispel rumors that they’re skeezy old men.

    I hired them out of desperation. (I’m not hard up for pretty boy movers and they were unreviewed.) I had my friend hang around for the first hour or so. He’s a pretty big dude and could handle a couple potential creeps.

    It turned out to be one of the most fun decisions I’ve made in a while. I hate moving and I generally hate movers. They were like hanging out with my friends for four hours and my shit got moved. I’m a chick chick so I don’t know much about moving dressers up four flights of stairs, but they were able to move a studio apartment in less than four hours and not smash up any of my stuff. I was impressed and I have been very unimpressed the other fifty times I’ve moved since I got to NYC for college 6 years ago.

    The guys on the right side of the new flier came. To their credit without sounding like too much of whore… They were the guys on the flier, and if I was in a black-out I probably would’ve fucked them both. Frankie is the tattooed guy. He’s really tall and thin, really funny, speaks eloquently (sometimes poetically) but would break into a New York-ish accent when he got exasperated.I forgot the other guys name. He didn’t speak as much but he was beautiful so I didn’t mind. Frankie said, “This is my colleague Daniel, don’t mind him he’s Bulgarian.” Apparently they’re musicians, writers, college students, blah blah blah living in loft buildings around Williamsburg and Bushwick. My Ipod shuffled on a Notorious B.I.G. song while they were working. I’ve never seen a white kid dance to hip-hop like that. Frankie can dance.

    I did ask about the flier. I remember the reply because it really struck me as the most brilliant bit of douche-baggery I’d heard in years. I might not be quoting him right here but Frankie said something like, “I’ve been working in and around bars, restaurants, and fashion long enough to know unfortunate looking people don’t make the most fortunate business. We’re broke dudes with a truck and some of us look ok. We put it on the flier because everything comes back to sex or money. We’re just working with what we got. This city’s a hustle.”

    I loved that.

  15. meghanlaw on Sun, 11th Jul 2010 7:28 am
  16. (If any of the Nice Moves guys see this tell “Daniel” I’m sorry I forgot his name. It started with a D I’m pretty sure. Darnell, Daniel, something. He did a great job!)

  17. meghanlaw on Sun, 11th Jul 2010 7:58 am
  18. …Oh yeah and I meant they were the guys from the left side of the flier… Too much Schlitz and Jamison last night and for some reason I can never sleep past 7.

  19. therealdeal on Sun, 11th Jul 2010 11:15 am
  20. OK Time to for the real deal on Nice Moves Movers especially Frankie. My freind Meghan said she saw this on here a few days ago and I haven’t looked til now. She thinks hes something special. Love her but shes a writer plush shes admitted shes in love with the Williamsburg stereotype. i beg to differ I joined this site cause i wanted to put some reality into this circes. Ive seen this guy Frankie in the neighborhood. He always wears a bandanna like in the photo like a cholo. Sometimes hes with the guy with the long hair on the new flyer in the upper right. Hes at the Blackbird on north 6th a lot writing in notebooks or on a laptop. I thought he was kinda interestnig so I asked my friend who used to live in the same building at the bedford stop he does living with a gay guy about him. She siad he’s 24 25 or 26 i think a writer, mover, and goes to school somewhere even though he’s in his mid 20s (FUCK UP) and did some modeling work somewhere (HES NOT EVEN THAT ATTRACTIVE) and never does drugs, smokes or drinks (NO PBR HIPSTER?.) i talked to him a couple times and he was nice. NOW I NOW HE’S A FUCKED UP SNOB THOUGH. I think the missed connections are entertaining so i read them sometimes. Last winter a guy wrote a lot of poetry there and i responded a few times because I wanted to ask if he knew this poet i like that he sounded like. He never answered and 2 friends I went to college with said he didn’t answer them either. They were anonymous but i know it’s him now because of this ad here & 2 things he posted recntly. Moving boy is working with some issues. Heres two things he posted recently that I know are him now. 1 was last week and 1 was this morning Its his wah wah life story. All his stuff is this suffering artist ‘Im a romantic’ bullshit too. THe guy seems straaange. Plus hes an internet creep as you can see. If you want to waste your time call him for his escort servicey looking moves. Maybe he can get some neurotic tears on your things. You people are dense. Any looser can get 5 minutes of crap blog fame these days I guess though

  21. meghanlaw on Sun, 11th Jul 2010 1:32 pm
  22. Wow. I believe you “are working with some issues.” Nice move making yourself look like a loathsome individual not-so-anonymously. Roxanne, I must’ve been special needs to actually have considered you a friendly acquaintance. Please LOSE not “loose” my number. Please also LOSE your invitation to brunch next week. I wouldn’t want to drag you away from the excitement of the apartment in Manhattan your parents pay for.

    Us PBR drinking “suffering artist ‘i’m a romantic'” “Williamsburg stereotypes” will definitely miss you.

  23. frankie.leone on Sun, 11th Jul 2010 4:03 pm
  24. a client we moved yesterday said we we were on some blogs. i googled for a little bit and found this. looks like things have gotten a little personal, but this isn’t high on my list of emotional priorities.

    i’m not here to defend my business, my friends, or myself. i’m not going to waste time here trying to clear us. my friends and i are too busy trying to eat by chasing dollar signs in rental trucks most of the time and the world cup is on. i think i come from a different place than everyone that’s commented here. i don’t understand blogs… but then again i’m just a manual laborer moving boxes and mattresses. i sincerely promise i will never login again.

    i don’t understand a lot, but i understand money and i understand image. i’m the third person here that’s registered just to comment on this unflattering feature of our flier. i’m helping bring money here. my writing, which i would’ve preferred to keep separate from my business, is helping bring money here now too.

    my friends and i fit a cliche. we’re fine with it. we have no loyalty to it. we’re trying to fuck it for all its worth. we’re loyal to each other. we fit a cliche that’s marketable. a cliche that brings money to this site.

    i’m here for one reason and one reason alone. to ask the permission of the person that runs this thing to reference your blog on my flier. i would also like to make a request that i could understand being ignored; this looks like a high-traffic site and you’ve made a two part installment hurting the income of my friends and i for its benefit. i would appreciate a third that makes a few reality based statements about who we are.

    you know my name. you know what i look like. you know who i am on very personal level because my writing’s here. you know my phone number. i’d appreciate a phone call answering my requests.

    if you’d like to delete this please do. i know it’s nothing personal. really and truly.

  25. missheather on Sun, 11th Jul 2010 6:56 pm
  26. @ Frankie: Actually, I would be delighted if you submitted a something talking about your business, etc. I’ll gladly publish it. You can send me this via email at missheather (at) thatgreenpointblog (dot) com. In the meantime I am eager from to hear from a reader who hired you all recently. In fact, I plan to publish his/her review as well. This strikes me as being quite fair, yes? I hope to hear from you.

    As for the two women who have appeared to use this forum for, well, settling something “personal”: if this continues I am not publishing it. This is a polite warning. I know it’s hot, muggy, tempers are running high, etc., but let’s try to keep the peace. Okay?

  27. al oof on Sun, 11th Jul 2010 7:54 pm
  28. i’m not sure what is so interesting about ‘pricing flexible upon circumstance’. the article you linked seems to think it implies that they will lower the price if you sex them up somehow, but i would just expect it to mean a sliding scale. why wouldn’t it mean that! for some reason that is really really bothering me.

    and frankie, i don’t think these posts are hurting your business. maybe the nymag one. though missheather, why didn’t you just call them and ask if they were actually the men on the flier! that seems to be your style so i’m a bit surprised.

  29. Bonnie on Mon, 12th Jul 2010 7:40 pm
  30. Hey friends, I’m Frankie’s (top left, tattoos) neighbor, and my comment may surprise you. These movers actually ARE nice guys. Nice people do exist in NYC. It’s a shame that you’re all too cynical and snide to believe that kind, strong, funny guys would want to make an honest living in this city. They’re emphasizing their skills and talents to make some $$ off of the transient neighborhood of Williamsburg.

    I wish you internet clowns would stop saying nasty things to hurt their business; especially considering the fact that you’ve never even met them. To “therealdeal” bitch and her “freind” Meghan who have arrived on so many conclusions regarding Frankie – shut up! Leave the reviews to Nice Moves Movers customers and their real-life friends and acquaintances.

    I guess that you “bloggers” are from the “umm-weird” generation that rejects what it can’t understand or appreciate. Ya’ll have no sense of humor, and your comments are as dull as they are ignorant. Take some age old advice and don’t say anything at all, since you obviously forgot how to say anything nice.

    MissHeather, I would really appreciate it if you ran a third installment to this series. NYMag’s re-post of your “findings” has had an especially negative impact on their reputation. These guys are hardworking, strong dudes who are trying to make a little extra cash in this expensive town.


  31. missheather on Mon, 12th Jul 2010 7:49 pm
  32. I’ve just emailed Frankie back with some questions, Bonnie (the timing of your comment is uncanny). There will DEFINITELY be a third installment. It’s a little too early to tell but I suspect it will be neat. We’ll see.

  33. bela_bates on Tue, 13th Jul 2010 6:26 pm
  34. I actually know one of these guys in real life and agree with some of the above statements.First off,the guy with the dreads was not fired,his image was lifted off his profile picture and put on the flier without his consent or knowledge and was removed when he contacted NICE MOVES that he didn’t appreciate that act. Secondly,I think Frankie’s vision to have a “hipster” moving company is a novel and cute idea but honestly,in that industry , being cute doesn’t mean that they are going to transport and handle your goods in a professional or delicate manner,especially when they are spouting off their “faux” eloquence( maybe his bandanna is wrapped on too tight) when they should carrying some stuff.Granted who wants a busted ,broke down old guy to show up at their door but experience will always prevail over ego or looks or lack ,there of, and trust when I say the leader of this business doesn’t have much more than a year’s experience( I let others judge his visage,haha). Frankie’s a nice guy with a good heart but doesn’t always think about how his actions on or off the job affect his relations.I say this only because I am the guy who taught him everything he knows about this business and when he didn’t work for me as an employee ,he went and tried to contact all my sources to help him boost his upstart. A lil’ cold blooded i would say but ghasn’t dimmed my business at all. you want some real awesome,fast,attractive,intelligent ,tactful ,experienced (25 years total) movers in the williamburg/greenpoint area ? check us out PRIME MOVERS on YELP,we got stellar 5 star reviews…lastly ,iI read the craigslist post with the poetry”christ on kent ave” well as blasphemous as it sounds …lets hope christ on kent ave gets crucified too …with no hopes of ressurection!!!!,har har

  35. KJ on Wed, 14th Jul 2010 1:16 pm
  36. I used these guys last Saturday and they were great. Punctual, reliable, courteous and professional. Also, reaosnably priced. What more could you want? I would hgihly recommend them for your next move.

  37. bela_bates on Wed, 14th Jul 2010 7:11 pm
  38. i wrote the above comment and am writing again to retract any negativity towards NICE MOVES. aLthough some of what I stated is fact I’m not here to condemn their establishment.The nature of me and frankie’s discrepancy is more purely than business related,he did once worked for me over a course of a few months.He was not my star employee but by no means my worst.I’m sure he has improved and worked with a clleague of mine who he seemed to be able to gel better with at the workplace.I wish him the best in this crazy industry and hoped we don’t have to clash or step on each other’s toes any further.As a person ,Frank is a swell guy with a lot of talent and promise,as far as his workers I know nothing so I can’t judge. I guess one will have to let YELP or other forums decide his company’s performance….not my right to do so. I apologize for trashing his poetry ,it was a cheap shot which was uncalled for,maybe one day he and I will talk and air out our differences but this site is not the place.I know frankie thought i trashed on NY mag too but honestly that was not me and he wants to get technical and check the log posts to my whereabouts I willing to prove that I wasn’t.I wish him alot of prosperity and luck in all his endeavors…I know this may not suffice as an apology but this is what seemed most honest for me…..Bobby

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