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One thing that fascinates me about the 20-something generation is their love of cellular telephones. Scarcely does a day go by when I am not privy to the boring and occasionally sordid details of some stranger’s life while walking this borough’s streets. How the recipients of these calls manage to listen to this drivel is beyond me. Fortunately, several pay phones in Williamsburg have been retrofitted to alleviate this problem.

This telephone hails from the intersection of Roebling and North 8th Street.

As you can see someone was thoughtful enough to dismantle the receiver, but left the speaking component intact.

The same goes for this pay phone at Broadway and Marcy Avenue.

This is an ingenious set-up. Not only is the recipient spared the task of having to actually listen to what the caller has to say, but he (or she) is also able to chime in with the occasional “uh-uh”, “really?” or “you don’t say” to keep up appearances. Thus enabling him (or her) to multi-task while the talker rambles on and on— like cut his/her toenails (a popular act of personal hygiene to do in public, as I have learned), eat some lunch or make a call on his (or her) cell phone.

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