Reader Comment Of The Day: & Now Videos?

September 15, 2010 by
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Just when I thought the summer sensation that was 66 North 1 Street had gone away for good, it would appear we have one last hurrah thanks to a commenter named pretzel. He/she writes:

So, I went to the last open house of this condo (I thought I had done my research, but I guess I missed this whole fiasco.) This explains some of the weird things dirty aspects of a few of the units: there was some liquid spilled all over the counter that the brokers didn’t bother to clean up (thought it was coffee, but now I’m sure it was something more sinister), there was a creepy collection of VHS tapes (!!! — Ed. Note) scattered about, and one of the bathrooms literally smelled like piss. So, thank you New York Shitty. You’ve helped me and hopefully several other people the dodge a bullet of this poorly maintained shithole.

VHS?!? Good god, what is Williamsburg coming to? I this was purely the stuff of Greenpoint porn enthusiasts.

Miss Heather


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