New York Shitty Video du Jour: Miss Heather Makes a New “Friend”

I had high hopes for today. I was going to get up bright and early, knock out a bunch of bloggy goodness and go for a walk. As is usually the case this was shot utterly to shit by powers beyond my control: the host of my site upchucked. Big time. Being in a relatively rare “roll with it” kind of mood (I take my site damned serious— even if the content contained therein is often anything but) I decided to meet up with my buddy Christine: the inimitable headmistress of the McCarren Dog Run. She told me there was something on North 8 Street I needed to see. Naturally we headed over without delay.

I have passed by this building many times and have noted the presence of this little fella. What is interesting is on prior walk-bys his “posterior” was sticking out of this hole. Obviously this has changed. I noted this to Christine and that’s when things got interesting. Enjoy!

I would like to take a moment to thank this “puppeteer” for adding this bit of merrymaking to my afternoon. I needed it!

Miss Heather



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