A Bedford Avenue Mystery Solved!

Anyone who has lived in Williamsburg for any appreciable period of time knows this place well. Those who don’t (READ:  tourists) love it too. It is located at Bedford Avenue and North 1 Street and is a much-needed breath of levity in the downright affluenzic mecca which Williamsburg has become. I,  as many others,  have often wondered who has taken over this menagerie since Luis Rivera died. Well folks,  I have some very good news:  last night I got the answer!

Her name is Carmen and I stumbled upon her locking the gate after adding wreaths bearing eggs to the current display. She didn’t care to be photographed (which I attribute more to a language gap than secrecy) but she told me that she is the current “custodian” of this ever-unfolding creation and its future is uncertain. Apparently Luis Rivera’s cousin (or nephew— I forget which) wants to operate a flea market in this space.

Nonetheless she is soliciting donations for  “Coco”  the Gorilla to get new clothes. Those of you who care to do so can do this in person on Saturdays (when she has assured me she is on the premises) or next door at 270 Bedford Avenue (AKA:  Monsignor Alexis Jarka Hall Senior Housing) which Carmen calls home!

Miss Heather



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  1. mcgolrickheights on Tue, 19th Jul 2011 7:33 pm
  2. mystery solved! nice job.

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