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My friend and neighbor, Sam Sanseverino, is the current president of Saint Cono American Society in Brooklyn, New York. Located on Richardson street, aka San Cono Strada, in Williamsburg. The shrine at the late Nancy Capobianco’s home, which includes the hall in back the house, is an enduring, living legacy to love of family and faith. The hall serves as a meeting place for its members to gather and share with each other. Recently one of their projects was to restore the statue of Saint Cono at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

Nancy Capobianco, who passed away this year was a friend of mine that I had the pleasure of knowing for many years. I would come to her house to do her hair when she was no longer able to come see me at my salon. She was a warm, wonderful lady who I miss greatly. The eldest society member is a 91 year old woman named Rose. Some members are as young as their 40’s.

There was a period in the 70’s where membership and participation dwindled. In 1988 the quonset hut hall was erected behind Nancy’s house and it has been an active place for meetings, suppers, and casual gatherings for the community that shares this common bond of a love and reverence for Saint Cono.

One of their next goals is to get the exterior of the hall painted.

Saint Cono, an obscure saint from the hilltown of Teggiano, near Salerno. Legend says that Cono was born with a cone shaped head, a symbol of the Trinity. He wanted to become a monk which was against his mother’s wishes that he marry a nice Italian girl and have some kids. Finally, she relented when she found Cono praying in a burning bread oven, unharmed by the heat and flames.

Emigrants from Teggiano went to Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, and Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The small Italian community that still lives in the middle of Hipsterville, USA celebrates Saint Cono as a last remaining thread to Teggiano. Richardson Street between Lorimer and Union has the official second name “San Cono Strada” because his unofficial shrine remains there, in a private residence.

Source: The Feast of Saint Cono
By Danielle Oteri | September 29, 2009 | Stories, The Feasts of Saints

By Miss Mousey Brown.


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