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I noticed the Village Voice linked to me yesterday. It was regarding what I will probably always be known for: bedbugs. I encourage you to read Mr. Edroso’s tome; it’s quite good, if a bit(e) general. 😉

When you’re done with the previous read the following comment from a reader in “East Williamsburg” terrifyandcreate writes:

This is about the picture of the chair with the bedbug sign. I like your blog and look at it every couple of days. Much to my surprise I saw a picture of the chair I put out. I put that sign on it and spray painted red all over it. The upsetting part of this photo is the 3 chairs that are missing! That’s right. I put 4 chairs out the night before. The other 3 had seats and also had bedbug warning signs. They were gone the next day. How is the bedbug problem going to stop if you actually put signs on furniture and people STILL take them? Also people that have lived here for 15 years call this area southside. I still can’t figure out exactly where East Williamsburg begins. Or is this Southeast??! Again thanks for your blog I usually smile or laugh when I look at it.

For the record, terrifyandcreate, I’d call your location “Southside”, but I am certain pundits (real estate agents mostly) would call it East Williamsburg. Call it whatever you want, the fact of the matter is bedbugs are a SERIOUS problem in north Brooklyn.

A problem which this city seems unwilling or unable to deal with. People have asked me why I care so much about this given I have not had bedbugs. Very simple: I know people who have bedbugs. It’s horrible. What’s more, I do not want to get them.

Miss Heather


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  1. nobugs on Wed, 13th Aug 2008 1:37 pm
  2. Yes– this is a huge problem. People report this all the time over on Bedbugger.

    So we recommend people destroy things as well as labeling them. (Destroying and wrapping in plastic before removing from the home is best–or you can spread them around as you remove them.)

    One Bedbugger took apart a dresser in her home and removed one piece to the curb every trash collection day so her idiot neighbors would not reclaim it back into the building, and the city would cart off a piece at a time.

    This is the degree to which some of your neighbors may be trying to help keep from spreading their bed bugs to you, whereas many (most, I am sure) don’t even think twice.

    Thanks, Miss Heather, for caring about bed bugs. Everyone should.

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