The Word On The Street: Times Nine

This vision can be found on North 4 Street Street. As you can see in the last photo, yours truly was not the only person who found this amusing. It rather reminds me of Beeteljuice. If calls his name three times, he will manifest. Here no less than nine solicitations have been employed— with considerably less success. Something which crossed my mind during my peregrinations today was how many vacant storefronts I saw. Invariably they were covered in graffiti. This leads one to wonder, perhaps, if these spaces were occupied this would mitigate the problem somewhat. Thus, it could be surmised that the rapaciousness of landlords can and does have a hand in the “graffiti epidemic” hereabouts— and, contrary to what the pillars of our community may believe: this is not simply a matter of vandalism for vandalism’s sake. Think about it.

Props/hat tip: goes out to Bitchcakes for bringing this to my attention!


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