From The New York Shitty Inbox: The Watchers

A person we’ll call “Y” writes on July 6, 2012:

Hey Heather!  In response to the 4th of July sentinels, a/k/a the NYPD helicopters, I was chilling on our rooftop last night and lo and behold a VERY low flying NYPD sentinel was spied by mine eyes.  This fella was extremely low.  We are on a 4th floor walk up and he was parallel to the height of our building.  There was also a lot of activity on the streets in the form of four-wheeled sentinels heading to the shit tits.  But, the air-born sentinel was circling the area west of McGuinness, but eventually he was hovering over the shit tits.  It seemed quite odd as the copter was so low I could have probably thrown one of our poorly formed tomatoes at it.  Here is a shot.  Sorry for it being rotated.  The vantage point does not do the picture justice as the helicopter was literally 40 feet above the highest rooftop which is a mere 5 stories high.

I myself heard this myself. It was pretty jarring, to say the least. In regards to the increased police presence on July 4th, I have heard, but have yet to receive confirmation, that a police officer was shot. If/when I hear something from the 94th I will add it here. Otherwise (and closing with an interesting fact), the Shit Tits (as they are lovingly called hereabouts) are considered by the powers-that-be to be a viable terrorist target. While it is not my intent to revel in/encourage the apocalyptic, one has to admit Greenpoint being hit with a tsunami of shit is, well, interesting to say the least.


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