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I have been wondering what is up with the Greenpoint Boathouse Project of late. As some of you might recall this project (whose description can been seen at the City Parks Foundation’s web site) was brought to a vote and chosen to receive public funds. “Newtown Creek money”, if you will. Well today a most interesting item was brought to my attention via a tipster. This:

A new building has been proposed for 51 Ash Street.

Not much of interest here. Be patient, gentle readers!

I see we are not only are we going to get a “community facility” in the way of a private club for a non for profit (think about that one for a minute) but we’re getting a transient hotel. Fascinating!

And none other than the folks behind Broadway Stages are responsible for this, um, novel endeavor! For those of you who are not in the know as to where 51 Ash Street is located, the following screengrabs from Google Maps should clear matters up a bit.

This is 51 Ash Street.

And this is the Pulaski Bridge. Please tell me I am not the only person who finds the use of public funds ($3,000,000 if Wikipedia is to be believed) for what appears to be a private endeavor a mite bit troubling.

P.S.: Oh yeah, as initially proposed this boat house was supposed to be at 1155 Manhattan Avenue.


UPDATE, January 29, 1:09 p.m.: Continental Auto Parts (the business which graces 49/51 Ash Street) was the location of an armed robbery just under a year ago. Just felt like throwing that odd piece of trivia out there.


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    […] Plans for a boathouse and education center on the Superfund Newtown Creek in Greenpoint were given the green light back in 2011 when the state approved $3 million in funds for the project. But since then, it’s been slow going for the boathouse, which is supposed to be constructed on the ground floor of the Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center at the end of Manhattan Avenue at Ash Street. Last summer, a Times article mentioned that the “new location is still being negotiated,” but the North Brooklyn Boat Club hopes the facility will be complete within two years. Currently, the Boat Club operates from a lot just down the block at 51 Ash Street near the Pulaski Bridge, and Miss Heather of New York Shitty, resident neighborhood blogger, unearthed some intriguing information about that property. […]

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