Greenpoint Photos du Jour: Dusk Along The Waterfront

November 2, 2008 ·
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By Mister Heather.*

Miss Heather

*Who was, I shit you not, asked by the local constabulary what he was doing as he took the above photograph of our sludge tank.

From The New York Shitty Photo Pool

November 2, 2008 ·
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What can you say about this photograph other than it was taken by garsav and is (aptly) entitled “Greenpoint: The Morning After Halloween”? Nice find, garsav!

Miss Heather

ELECTION DAY: Pin The Tail On the Palin

November 1, 2008 ·
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That’s pretty much what I’ll be doing on November 4th after I cast my vote. Hoping, drinking— and probably praying— the she-wolf of Wasilla and her surly old fart of a running mate are not deemed Oval office-worthy by the “battle ground” states. Thankfully t.b.d. will be hosting an “Election Night Extravaganza” that is totally up my alley…

replete with Baracktails, no less!

Election Night Extravaganza
November 4, 1008, 8:00 p.m.

224 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Miss Heather

Greenpoint Photo du Jour: We Will Be Back!

November 1, 2008 ·
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From Manhattan Avenue.

Miss Heather

The Self-Indulgent Anniversary Post

November 1, 2008 ·
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As of last night, October 31, 2008 Mister Heather and I have (more or less) enjoyed three years of matrimonial bliss. states about year three:

The 3rd wedding anniversary is often when a couple is aware of their durability of their relationship. That is why leather is the traditional gift for this celebration. Here are some third wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help you choose gifts associated with your 3rd marriage anniversary…

A riding crop or cat of nine tails would be greatly appreciated by yours truly. If for no other reason than it might motivate Mister Heather to put his panties in the laundry hamper.

Because “I did”.

Miss Heather

Nydia Velazquez Rocks!

November 1, 2008 ·
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This video (which I learned about via Queens Crap) does not pertain to Brooklyn per se, but it all too eloquently explains how eminent domain abuse and excessive (and contextually inappropriate) development harms working class neighborhoods and small business owners.

The building boom is over. How can this city’s officials honestly purport that ousting businesses at Willet’s Point and razing it to the ground (in the hopes that someone develops it) is progress? Really? What’s happening in my neighborhood and in Williamsburg* should be a sobering testament to the contrary.

Miss Heather

*Both of which are located in her district. See for yourself!

Happy Day of the Dead!

November 1, 2008 ·
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As I have mentioned in this and this post, there are events aplenty this weekend celebrating Dia de los Muertos in north Brooklyn. Check ‘em out!

Miss Heather

P.S.: The above calaveras (and much more) can be found at Huitzilli (624 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, 11211). These bad ass shopping bags also await your delectation.

Even the dead point and click nowadays. Death has, in fact, gone online!

Halloween In Greenpoint

November 1, 2008 ·
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Yesterday I had the pleasure dispensing fistfuls of teeth-rotting goodness to children of all ages at the junk shop. The zeal with which I took to executing this task seemed to surprise Larry da Junkman:

That’s really cute.

Me: What?
Larry: You handing out candy. You really like doing this, don’t you?
Me: Of course I do. It’s HALLOWEEN!

Who couldn’t enjoy giving the gift of refined sugar to a Jedi master as sweet as this one?

I like to call this guy “Chicken Little”.

This little Lion King’s make-up got a little discombobulated in transit.

No worries, mom repainted his whiskers and he was good as new! A curious dialog came to pass when I asked this little guy’s parents if I could take his picture.

Father: Are you going to put this online?
Me: Maybe. Probably on flickr.
Father: Do you have a web site?
Me: Yes.
Mother: Is it New York Shitty?
Me: Well actually it is.
Mother: You’re the lady who takes all the pictures!
Me: Whew! I was expecting you to say something a lot worse!

The above two photographs do not do this little fella justice. He was heart-wrenchingly adorable! But Halloween is not just about cherubic faced young ‘uns.

As you can see the guys at Papacitos* got into the Halloween spirit! The above gentleman gyrated for a good 20-30 seconds while exclaiming:

Can you see my junk?

I told him “yes” and gave him a lollipop. Very few things have the power to truly shock me anymore; this is because I was once a civil servant. That said, bipeds were not the only creatures wearing costumes today.

This poodle sported her finest fettle for the occasion.

And I even made the acquaintance of a pirate pup!

As I was handing out candy a woman I know, a bona fide Greenpoint old-timer, pulled me aside and said:

You realize a lot of these people (I was giving candy to) do not live here.

I had honestly not given the matter any thought. This is probably because I do not care.

Halloween is about dressing up, flauting the drudgery and conventions of everyday life and having fun. It is very much a collective experience  —not unlike Christmas or New Year’s Eve. It is— in its strange way— about sharing. I am not going to ask for proof of residency before doling out lollipops or Hershey’s Kisses to children. There was more than enough confectioneries and fun to go around. For everyone.**

I suppose this makes me a candy-giving Commie —or a lollipop pimping populist.

Make that a newly zombified lollipop pandering populist —or carnivorous Commie!


Miss “Living Undead” Heather

P.S.: You can see more pix of Halloween on Manhattan Avenue by clicking here.

*Who have made themselves near and dear to my heart by serving up vegan breakfast tacos. Thanks guys!

**Save a CONSTRUCTION WORKER from (where else?) the Viridian who snatched a lollipop from my tray without asking and then proceeded to laugh about it with his cronies (one of whom said “Hey lady, can I suck on a lollipop?”). This chap, dear readers, was a certifiable grade “A” ASSHOLE. The least this man could have done is ASKED FIRST —but I suppose he felt “entitled” to it. Clearly he was not taught good manners like the following child (I gave a heaping helping of candy to today):

Child #1 (after I gave him a fistful of candy): I want a Hershey’s Kiss.
Child #2: You shouldn’t tell people what you want. It’s not very nice.
Miss Heather (to child #2): You my friend have very good manners. For this reason you are getting a Hershey’s kiss.

Kindness and civility go a long way folks. Or at the very least you can show me your “junk” when pandering for junk food. Grabbing shit off my candy tray is just plain RUDE.

Southside Photo du Jour: Sunshine

October 31, 2008 ·
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From South 2nd Street.

Miss Heather

THIS WEEKEND: More Dia de los Muertos Fun

October 31, 2008 ·
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Once I recovered from the initial shock (the word “beaner” has a distinctly negative connotation where I come from) I realized that this is yet another event celebrating Dia de los Muertos this weekend. Things kicks off at noon on November 2 and include free drip coffee, a raffle and live jazz. They will also be serving up a $5.00 “Mexican plate” which includes a tamale, rice and beans and a sugar skull. All in all this sounds pretty interesting.

Dia de los Muertos
November 2, 2008 starting at noon
Beaner* Bar
447 Graham Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222

I also have word Huitzilli will be celebrating the Day of the Dead this weekend as well. Once I get all the details I will pass them along to you!

Miss Heather

*Do you know how much it pains me to type this? Seriously. It’s almost up there with “coon”, “kike”, “wop”, “chink”, “gook” and of course the almighty “n-bomb”.