Fedders Friday Part I: The New Style

November 21, 2008 by
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I am so inspired by the piquant feedback I received regarding this post I have decided to hit you up with not just one —BUT TWO —installments of Fedders Friday today. Enjoy!

Just yesterday the Mister regaled me with the good news that our investments (courtesy of our stock market) took yet another hit. On top of that no one is lending money nowadays. It’s a shame, actually as there are so many great deals out there to be had now.

I cannot for the life me understand why this beauty (which hails from Dekalb Avenue) has not been snapped up yet.

It’s not like the purchaser won’t be in good company or anything: this building holds court just down the street. Note how the developer took the trouble to add chrome doors and make the balconies match. That’s what I call luxury!

Of course if living on Dekalb Avenue isn’t your cup of tea there is this stellar two family home on Tompkins Avenue. For the record I have been watching this building for some time and believe it or not this is an older building that has been retrofitted to sport all the amenities a bona fide Fedderista demands…

including but not limited to:

  • Large quantities of cement
  • Ample amounts of fencing
  • Exposed electrical meters

What are you waiting for? Call May today!

You know times are tough when even Corcoran is shilling crap like the following (which hails from Lafayette Avenue).

As it happened I got to witness something rather amusing after taking the above photograph it went something like this. I notice a gentleman in his late twenties standing on the stoop of a brownstone across the street. After waiting for sometime he pulled out his cell phone and made a call. His end of the dialogue was as follows:

I thought it was 703. It’s 706? Okay.

Suffice it to say the expression on chap’s face when he made visual contact with “706” was more than a little entertaining. As New York Shitty reader noel recently opined (regarding my hatred of the gratuitous use of keystones):

…the keystones indicat(e), “douchebag lives here, and here, and here, etc…

If this is indeed true —and taking into account the look of disappointment on the above-mentioned client’s face— it would be safe to presume that while possibly being a hipster this gentleman was not a douchebag. Isn’t deductive logic fun?

I am going to close this post with this comely specimen from Willoughby Avenue. Having had a rather extensive liberal arts education I find the fact a beauty salon called “Venus” graces this building. Those of you who know your mythology will know precisely what I am talking about.

This concludes today’s first installment of Fedders Friday. Why not grab a cup of coffee (or a barf bag) and prepare yourself for “Part II”. I assure you it only gets better.

And by “better” I mean worse.

Miss Heather


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