The Return Of Fedders Friday?

June 5, 2009 ·
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Now that the housing market has tanked I am aimply not seeing as much Fedderstecture as I used to. Sure I find the odd finger building here and there and many a vacant lot but scarcely a new Fedders Special can be found be found in the Garden Spot nowadays. For the previous reasons you can imagine my glee when I stumbled upon this beauty on North Henry Street just north of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway.


No sir, they don’t build ’em like this anymore!


As you can see no expense has been spared on concrete.


Fedders Boxes: Check
Balconies: Check
Decorative Key Stones: Check

And as if the previous enticements weren’t enough I have saved the very best for last.


It’s available to rent!

Miss Heather

Fedders Friday: Casa D’Agosto

April 17, 2009 ·
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It’s been awhile since I have indulged my fascination with the architectural marvel that is Fedderstecture. The reasons for this are numerous, but basically boil down to things:

  1. The weather: it’s frequently been too cold/damp to search for these beauties.
  2. The transition from housing boom to bust has rendered new specimens pretty scarce.

Luckily I discovered on Powers Street that not every aspiring Fedderista has had his (or her) activities curtailed by lack of funding.


Presenting Casa D’ Agosto!


It is not only richly appointed with Fedders boxes, but also sports this solitary (if slightly crooked) exposed gutter. Any more would be ostentatious in these lean times.


Besides, they needed to save money for those little refinements. Like concrete…


and this rather formidable looking garage door. We are in a recession after all!

Miss Heather

Fedders Friday Long Island City Style: The People Have Spoken!


On Tuesday, March 3, 2009 I wrote:

No matter how hard I try my wit, gift for gab, whatever-you-want-to-call-it is not doing this stellar example of Fedderism justice. To this end I need your help. Although I realize this has been done before I am proposing the following: you, dear readers, tender LOL speak captions for this masterpiece. These can be left in the comments below or sent via email at: missheather (at) newyorkshitty (dot) com.

If I like what I see I’ll publish the pick of the litter right here on New York Shitty later this week.

Well, things got a little chaotic for me that week so this had to be tabled. But this is not to suggest I didn’t have 49-16 11 Street on my mind. I most certainly did. Among other things I wondered to myself:

Is this building as craptastic in day light as it is at night.

I did a little field research and found the answer.


Abso-FUCKING-lutely YES.

Now, without further ado I offer for your Friday morning entertainment piquant observations about this stellar structure from you, the readers.* Enjoy!


AMOJA wrote:

…I think I may start calling this building the Triple Nipple. Those studs are…well…they’re there.


Jason in Kew Gardens raves:

This is the most effort I’ve ever seen put into a Friedrich box.


anonymous opines:

Nah…that’s a cesspool on the roof.

The builder is just too cheap to pay for a hook up to NYC’s sewer system!

Okay, so we have heard about the builder. What about the architect? Another anonymous offers up his theory as to who is responsible for this turd:


Design by Helen Keller.

And last, but hardly least I want to give special props to lylet (who actually followed my directions for this project). He mused:

I drive over the Pulaski every day – and this building has been testing my gag reflex for months now. While many don’t like the new building across the bridge, at least is qualifies as some sort of ‘architecture’ (and I actually happen to like it). This, however, looks like a Belvedere made babies with a Fedders Special – and out came this cheapo be-nippled eyesore. And did they build the elevator shaft for a few extra floors that never materialized?…



Miss Heather

*And a whole lotta help from Queens Crap!

East Williamsburg Photo Du Jour: Welcome

February 26, 2009 ·
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From Ainslie Street.

Miss Heather

Bushwick Photo Du Jour: Inauguration Day Special

January 20, 2009 ·
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From Starr Street.

Miss Heather

P.S.: You can see the lovely building this sign graces by clicking here.

Fedders Friday: Fedders Claus

December 26, 2008 ·
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I can think of no better way to celebrate this, the last Fedders Friday of 2009 that the previous festive display from Monitor Street. I especially like how (in the latter image) baby Jesus is not only watched over by magi but also ADT. There will be no breaking of the eighth commandment at this here house folks!

Miss Heather

Balconization Photo du Jour: Fedderized!

November 21, 2008 ·
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This image hails from where many things Fedderific are to be found: 133-135 Meserole Avenue, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, U.S.A. In the Garden Spot of the Universe even our Fedders boxes are get their own balconies. That’s what I call progress!

Miss Heather

Fedders Friday Part II: The New Style Cont’d

November 21, 2008 ·
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I would like to open this post with what is easily my favorite comment of the week. On November 18, 2008 superclam wrote:

Heather, I’m impressed. It’s both my job and my hobby to look at ugly buildings, and that is an exceptionally ugly building. Two distinct styles, and they both suck.

Speaking as someone who is not employed to look at ugly buildings but whose hobby is searching them out nonetheless I am really flattered by this endorsement from a professional. What’s more, it makes me think of this beauty from Greene Avenue in Clinton Hill.

By all appearances it looks like the architect of this building started with a Modernist vision on the right but changed his (or her) mind one third of the way through. I suppose it really doesn’t matter what “style” this building is. It’s still uglier as homemade sin.

On a clear day in Bedford Stuyvesant you can see Fedders forever, and ever, and ever more!

I am one of nine.

You will be assimilated.

They must have some pretty bad drivers down in Bed Stuy is the developer feels compelled to erect pylons like this.

bodmin brought up a very salient point when he/she noted the solitary advantage of living in a Fedderplex such as previous…

or this…

or this…

or this:

No matter what it looks like on the inside, the great advantage of living in it would be that when you were home you wouldn’t have to look at the exterior!

How very true.

What’s more those exposed electrical meters are a darned convenient place to rest your coffee cup while you get out your keys.

There’s always ample parking.

And not just for automobiles either.

Knish carts are also welcome with open arms.

Miss Heather

Fedders Friday Part I: The New Style

November 21, 2008 ·
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I am so inspired by the piquant feedback I received regarding this post I have decided to hit you up with not just one —BUT TWO —installments of Fedders Friday today. Enjoy!

Just yesterday the Mister regaled me with the good news that our investments (courtesy of our stock market) took yet another hit. On top of that no one is lending money nowadays. It’s a shame, actually as there are so many great deals out there to be had now.

I cannot for the life me understand why this beauty (which hails from Dekalb Avenue) has not been snapped up yet.

It’s not like the purchaser won’t be in good company or anything: this building holds court just down the street. Note how the developer took the trouble to add chrome doors and make the balconies match. That’s what I call luxury!

Of course if living on Dekalb Avenue isn’t your cup of tea there is this stellar two family home on Tompkins Avenue. For the record I have been watching this building for some time and believe it or not this is an older building that has been retrofitted to sport all the amenities a bona fide Fedderista demands…

including but not limited to:

  • Large quantities of cement
  • Ample amounts of fencing
  • Exposed electrical meters

What are you waiting for? Call May today!

You know times are tough when even Corcoran is shilling crap like the following (which hails from Lafayette Avenue).

As it happened I got to witness something rather amusing after taking the above photograph it went something like this. I notice a gentleman in his late twenties standing on the stoop of a brownstone across the street. After waiting for sometime he pulled out his cell phone and made a call. His end of the dialogue was as follows:

I thought it was 703. It’s 706? Okay.

Suffice it to say the expression on chap’s face when he made visual contact with “706” was more than a little entertaining. As New York Shitty reader noel recently opined (regarding my hatred of the gratuitous use of keystones):

…the keystones indicat(e), “douchebag lives here, and here, and here, etc…

If this is indeed true —and taking into account the look of disappointment on the above-mentioned client’s face— it would be safe to presume that while possibly being a hipster this gentleman was not a douchebag. Isn’t deductive logic fun?

I am going to close this post with this comely specimen from Willoughby Avenue. Having had a rather extensive liberal arts education I find the fact a beauty salon called “Venus” graces this building. Those of you who know your mythology will know precisely what I am talking about.

This concludes today’s first installment of Fedders Friday. Why not grab a cup of coffee (or a barf bag) and prepare yourself for “Part II”. I assure you it only gets better.

And by “better” I mean worse.

Miss Heather

Fedders Friday Photo du Jour: Taaffe Place

November 21, 2008 ·
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I could not think of a better image to kick off this Fedders Friday than this lovely assortment of Fedders panels hailing from Classon Avenue in Clinton Hill. Stay tuned folks, today I have a lot of Fedderific magic up my sleeve!

Miss Heather

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