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February 20, 2010 by
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This mystery item comes courtesy of my buddy down south, Flatbush Gardener. He writes:

Today’s thaw revealed a lost treasure in a snow bank on Marlborough Road. Blog Widow and I were on the way to the subway to enjoy the day when we stumbled across (something). As I was taking the photos, a car pulled up to the light alongside us.
There were two passengers: the woman driving (WD) and a man I took to
be her father riding shotgun (FS):

WD (yelling across FS to me through the open car window): Did you get a good shot?
Me: Yes!
WD: It’s a turd, isn’t it?
Me: Um, no, it’s not.
WD: It’s a turd.
FS: It’s not a turd.
Me: No, but it’s the same vicinity.

For the reveal click here. Go ahead. You will not be disappointed!

I want to take a moment to thank Flatbush Gardener for bringing this lovely find to my attention. Believe it or not, it brings back a very fond memory for yours truly. You see, a long time ago I lived not too far from where this chap calls home. One summer day I was walking to McDonald Avenue and I found a most curious item: a brass picture frame with a couple of Polaroids in it. These were affixed to a rather greasy-looking piece of cardboard. I quickly deduced the “subject” of said photos had at one time accompanied them. It was nowhere to be found. That’s when I came to the realization Prospect Park South was way more hoppin’ than I ever imagined.

Miss Heather


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