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Today I have a very special offering for Fedders Friday. This beauty, the highest of the Fedderist style, hails from Bushwick and sports certain accouterments that make it shine exposed gutters and satellite dishes above its peers. As you will see.

This is the glorious sight that awaited me as I walked down Broadway towards Hart Street Wednesday. Note the copious use of Fedders boxes and satellite dishes. Knowing a bona fide find when I see one, I went in for a closer look.

This has got to be a Fedders first: the use of said building to advertise diagnostic services. Wouldn’t you love to come home to this sight everyday? I know I would. What’s more, when you decide to have that special someone over for dinner and she asks you for directions to your bachelor pad you can say “Just look for the diagnostic testing sign”. That will attract the ladies. In spades.

And of course if your lady friends miss the advertisements, these handy medical waste boxes will clue them in. I wonder what’s inside? Used hypodermics? Stool samples? Pap smears? Life is mysterious!

As if all the previous amenities are not enough to convince you this is the place to be, perhaps the exposed electrical meters, mismatched doors and extensive use of cement will.

PVC, bondo and test wells. No sir, they don’t build ’em like this anymore!

The Viridian can keep its fancy-pants virtual golf, sauna and reflecting pool. Chez Hart Street sports an Imperial Japanese motif with accompanying Zen garden where you, the residents, select where the tire goes!

I know what you’re thinking. How can I, a mere gaijin, possibly have a shot at accommodations as luxe as these? Well folks, in the spirit that is Fedders Friday I have saved the best for last!

There are apartaments available for rent! So why not hop onto the J or M train and make this beauty your own?

The more mass transit savvy among you will be pleased to note it is very conveniently located to public transportation. Just knock on the medical waste boxes three times and tell ’em Miss Heather sent you.

Miss Heather


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