Williamsburg Photos Du Jour: 373 Graham Avenue

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Yes gentle readers, it would appear this is the latest “service” our Graham Avenue’s good friend has seen fit to offer the general public. My advice to any/all interested sun worshippers: you might want to take into consideration this fellow has chased someone with a chainsaw.*

*As it would happen, I had the dubious honor of pointing out this fact to a couple of ladies dancing with Joe earlier this summer. Follows is how I recounted it to a few of his beleaguered neighbors:

Hey, I thought you all would enjoy a little “fun” I had with Joe before (amusingly enough) this evening’s Public Safety Committee meeting.

I was quite hungry as it would happen my taco purveyor of choice is located one block away from 373 Graham Avenue. Well, “Joe” was in especially good form this evening. Not only did he have his music cranked up to some ungodly volume, but he was singing as well. Noting that the owner of the hardware store next door was sitting in a chair watching this shitshow unfold, I struck up a conversation with him. Very simply put, he is tired of his neighbor, has apparently brought this to Marie’s and Gerry’s attention repeatedly and has lodged a number of complaints. “Joe’s” response to all of this is that he is being harassed. That’s when I opined to my new friend:

Well, he does have a restraining order against him for chasing someone with a chainsaw so I suppose he would be an expert on harassment.

He found this really funny. Wanting to get food (because I was REALLY HUNGRY) I told this fellow we’d resume our conversation on my way back. I’m glad I did! On my way back “Joe” was out front dancing with not one but two 20-something women. The owner of the hardware found this as darkly amusing as I did. In fact, I told him:

If Joe goes inside I am going to tell these women about his affection for chainsaws.

Then by some act of divine providence, Joe’s CD player started malfunctioning. BADLY. So I skipped on over and very calmly/glibly (think like I was talking about the weather) said the following:

You know this guy has a restraining order against him for chasing someone with a chainsaw, yes?

Their initial response was to giggle like a couple 14 year olds. I said nothing more but gave them my “I am not joking” face. Not only did they stop laughing but they ran— RAN— as fast as they could around the corner. I was a couple doors away when Joe finally came back out. The look of confusion and disappointment on his face was priceless.


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