Explosive Gas & A Bunch of Hot Air

Last week I came across a comment* on the Gowanus Lounge from an oil spill disbeliever (yes, they really do exist). I couldn’t help but snicker when I read this:

…As for the explosive gas, it was Keyspan natural gas lines that needed to be repaired, not the oil spill.

Maybe he’s right? It’s something else. Just this weekend I saw the remains of a massive explosion on Java Street.

Explosive Gas

It’s the Greenpoint Chili Relleno Spill! Maybe I should contact the EPA and request a vapor test be conducted?

Miss Heather

*Be sure to check out the novel this whack job defender of Greenpoint’s virtue wrote in response to my rebuttal. It’s a hoot! Be sure to strap on your tin foil hat first so the many conspirators behind the vast smear campaign that is the GREENPOINT OIL SPILL won’t come to get you!


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