Presenting Skidmark Row

As the delay in today’s postage probably indicates today I decided to table the blog a bit and go for a walk. I made a number of amazing discoveries (such as learning the mattress at North 4 and Berry Street has inhabitants). You will be delighted to know, dear readers, I plan to share each and every one of them with you. This post is dedicated to North 4 Street— or more specifically why it smells so damned bad. This mystery didn’t take me long to unravel. In fact, you could go so far to say all I had to do was follow my nose!

It would appear that the derelict property on the south side of the street has been pressed into service as a public lavatory.

If the amount of effluvia I found is any indication, it appears to be very popular.

I’m not too sure which end this came out of— but I bet whoever discharged this puddle of joy feels a lot better!

Welcome to Skidmark Row in the heart of the “new” Williamsburg!

Miss Heather


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