Live From Community Board 1: D.O.G.G.O.Ne. Speaks

It should be noted that our Parks employee/”Parks advocate”, Stephanie Thayer, had signed up to speak at the end of the proceedings. However, when called to speak it was discerned she had left after the “Tennis Bubble” presentation.  This would lead one to believe that Ms. Thayer is not interested in what’s her public here has to say. I find this curious given when this OSA/Parks Department “partnership” was “pitched” to my community, Greenpoint, is was stated she would be as an “insider” within the Parks Department on the behalf of my community. To date she has been nothing more than a tool: for the Parks Department and monied interests to influence what does— and more importantly does not— get done in north Brooklyn.

I’m guessing when Bloomturd runs for a fourth term (and/or his follower wants to make nice) we will at long last get some wood chips and fencing for a dog run here. This seems to be how things roll in Greenpoint. Otherwise I’d like to advise Ms. Thayer that life— be it four-legged and otherwise— does exist outside of McCarren Park. And while she has been asking herself what our parks can do for her, we’ve been asking ourselves what has sheour ostensible public servant/”parks advocate”— done for us?

Answer: Nothing.

Miss Heather


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  1. eagle_teater on Wed, 9th Mar 2011 8:48 am
  2. In addition, Mr Maher had told me to talk to Ms. Thayer so I was hoping she would have been around to hear our pitch so that I’d then be able to follow up with her directly after the meeting.

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