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This comes courtesy of Rob Maher of District Dog.* Maggie and James write:

He is about 2 years old, rescued off the streets of Havana, Cuba.  He is now full grown at 25 lbs with a unique puppy-like look.

He has been a wonderful and loyal pet and it breaks our hearts to let him go, but we have recently given birth to twins and can not give him the attention and stable environment he needs.

Early on he had a lot of anxiety and nervousness that with time we help him work out. He has a lot of energy that needs to be burned off daily or, as we have found, the anxiety returns.

He had been a perfect house dog until we became pregnant when the problems started reoccurring. He has begun to show occasional guarding aggression and unpredictable skittishness around other dogs and some strangers. We are hoping that in a stable home and with some love he can again become the great dog that we know he is.

He is crate trained, but is not dependent on the crate if you dont have room for it, but he is trained to quietly “go home” if you tell him to.

He does not bark excessively, nor does he chew or tear up anything. He is house trained and is not allowed on furniture he is not given permission to use. He also knows his basic commands including a recall to come.

He needs someone who has the time and energy to work with him both with daily exercise and with the aggression/ anxiety issues. We imagine that almost all of the issues could quickly be worked out with the right patience and guidance to get there.

Though he requires a little work, he has amazing potential that we have seen in the past. Because of his nervousness, however, he is probably not for novice or first time dog owners.

Anyone interested in meeting Castro (and ascertaining whether he is Raul or Fidel) should contact Maggie and James at:

jamescasestudio (at) gmail (dot) com

or Rob at: rob (at) doghabitat (dot) com

Miss Heather

*Who will be hosting a Halloween Dog Parade this Sunday at McGolrick Park!

Puppies of all ages on parade —I can’t wait!


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