From The New York Shitty Inbox

A very nice fellow named Matt writes:

Hey Miss Heather. Sorry for grabbing your contact from the internet but I wanted to tell you of a developing story. There’s a factory/warehouse in Greenpoint that has 10-20 cats and kittens that they’re removing to the ACC (Animal Care & Control), which means certain death for these poor lil’ guys. The problem began when they welded a metal grate over the entrance/exit the cats use and when neighbors noticed little kitten faces peeking from behind the grate, assumed it was two kittens who had accidentally been welded in a crawlspace. According to the factory the grate was put up to keep new cats from coming in – these cats have all lived their entire lives inside being fed by staff.

Their problem is unmanageable for them and they feel that they don’t really have any other options. Unfortunately they were given info on how to humanely trap and rescue these cats but the person who was going to do this never followed up on it and the situation got worse. A group of people from the cat rescue community has stepped in to try to help w/ this situation but the factory has traps all over the warehouse and we can’t keep up w/ the amount of cats they’re trapping. They unfortunately began sending to the ACC yesterday.

I thought this story might be of interest to the local Greenpoint community and wondered if you were willing to blog about it. Please let me know.

One other thing – they owners don’t necessarily seem like bad guys. Like they actually seem to regret the ACC direction but feel they don’t really have another choice and need to do what has to be done. Just wanted to mention that so you know they’re not like “lets murder kittens!!!

Duly posted— and understood! If anyone knows of a home wherein these feral furry ones can be relocated please contact Matt via email cutler9 (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

Urban Fur: Greenpoint Grocery & Deli

No one present seemed to know what this lass’s name is*— but as you can see this lovely calico is keeping a very vigilant watch over the Polish Gazette!

*Thus I am giving her the moniker “Szef”. That is “boss” in Polish!

Greenpoint Photos Du Jour: On The Waterfront

See that grey stuff? That’s Manhattan.


Once again: Yup.

One more time: Yup.

The good news: the feral felines which North Brooklyn Cats (lovely ladies all) trapped, neutered and released appear to be doing well!

The bad news: the park bench* and fence** gracing this piece of much-needed “open space” are still submerged.

What’s more, they now have a most unusual urban artifact to give them company.

A safe.

Make that an EX safe.

Welcome to Greenpoint.

Repeat after me:

Graffiti— not landlord neglect; definitely not a lack of investment and especially NOT enforcement of the law by our fair city— is ruining the neighborhood…

*Aquatic since at least November 3, 2013.
**Wrecked since at least October 8, 2013.

From The New York Shitty Inbox, Part II: Furrever Homes Needed


This comes from former Greenpointer, environmental badass and former NCA head honcha, Kate Zidar. She writes:

Can you offer a long term home to these two wonderful cats? They are not bio siblings, but they have been raised together. One super-affectionate calico female and one super-independent tuxedo male. About Kitten – Female calico who loves to give and get attention. She will entertain you with her fetch-skills (see video), but will also sit on your keyboard as you try to work. So…she’s a calico. About Beta: He is a Greenpoint native, born on Oak Street and saved from the streets by Jane Pool. He started out as Kitten’s baby bro and playmate, but is now a great young male, always refined in his tuxedo and very easygoing.

You can see footage of this dynamic duo in action by clicking here. Otherwise, anyone who is interested in giving these two furkids a forever home should contact  Joanna via email at: jomicek(at)gmail(dot)com.


From The New York Shitty Photo Pool: NYC, 1977

NYC 1977

Taken by dw*c.

Bushwick Photo Du Jour: Jefferson Street

June 24, 2013 ·
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Taken June 22, 2013.

From The New York Shitty Inbox, Part II: Monkey Is Back


A friend and fellow cat lady named Lisa writes:

Meant to send you this sooner but I keep getting distracted. I’ve been told it’s a condition called “kittenhead” that afflicts people who care for bottle babies this time of year! Anyway, this really great couple stopped by our adoption event at Muddy Paws and brought the flyer attached. The cat looked familiar and the address was spot on. I pulled up my old flickr set and sure enough, IT’S MONKEY!

Monkey is NOT A STRAY!


You were able to draw attention to his living situation last time and probably were the reason his people responded in the flickr comments last time, maybe we can do the same this time. Their flickr accounts are stagnant and maybe they moved leaving Monkey behind? I’ll get some updated photos of the “Bloomblight” on my way to the new Indian restaurant tonight and send them, but the plywood with Monkey’s declaration is long gone as are the Enchanted Gardens as you know too well.

You can view a wonderful video of Monkey in “action” by clicking here. Otherwise, if anyone reading this knows to whom this winsome fellow belongs— or wants to provide him the loving permanent home he so richly deserves— please contact Kristen! Thanks— and spread the word!

Adoptable Cutie: Meet Papasito


Per the folks at Dog Habitat (where this handsome fellow presently hangs his hat— or would that be sombrero?):

This adorable boy is Papacito. Unfortunately he was another victim of irresponsible pet ownership. He was found by one of our staff members in a box in front of a dumpster next to Papacito’s in Greenpoint. There was a bag next to the carrier with cold cuts, some dry food, a rabies tag, a little money and a note describing his demeanor and health. This sweet cat deserved better than to be deposited on the street but now he’s safe here with us. Can you open your home to a poor, abandoned boy?

If anyone reading this wants to provide this fellow the loving forever home he richly deserves, please contact the folks at Dog Habitat via email at rescue (at) doghabitat (dot) org.

Thanks— and spread the word!

Greenpoint Photos Du Jour: Goodbye




It is with a heavy heart I relay that one of Manhattan Avenue’s most beloved citizens is no longer with us. As a woman I saw crying upon reading the above heartfelt eulogy clearly attests: she is missed by many.


H/T: to Greenpointers for breaking this distressing news.

New York Shitty Street Art Du Jour: Meow!


Taken May 2, 2013.

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