Greenpoint Video Du Jour: Dark Side Of The Moon

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True to form things were pretty quiet yesterday, Good Friday, here at the 11222. The college students (who I presume to be on “break”) have all gone out of town. If Greenpoint had tumbleweeds they would indeed be blowing across our streets.

The only activity of note has been at the sausage shops. Their clientele (in search of a quality kielbasa to celebrate the resurrection of our lord) formed queues which overflowed onto the sidewalks. But this is nothing unusual. In fact, I’d be more worried if I did not see a large number of sausage enthusiasts peppering our fine burgh’s sidewalks this holiday weekend. Although I am a vegetarian I find their presence strangely comforting: they are proof-positive that the unique character of my neighborhood has not been eradicated. Yet.

Good Friday in Greenpoint means different things to different people. A trip back home to be with loved ones for some, a wait at the sausage shop for others. For me it’s just business as usual. To someone else it meant parking his (or her) car in front of Papasitos, putting their theft deterrent gear in place (in this case, “The Club”), popping open the trunk, rolling down the windows and cranking Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” for everyone’s edification. What’s more interesting is no one seemed to mind…

except for my buddy Larry da Junkman. He told me in an exasperated tone that this had been going on (and off) for several hours. I’m guessing he’s not a big Pink Floyd fan. I myself would have preferred “The Wall”.

Hello, hello, hello. Is there anybody in there?

Miss Heather


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