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This item comes courtesy of Bitchcakes who writes:

I simply had to pass this along. I noticed this this morning on Manhattan Ave, by the corner of Norman. I thought it was serious at first, but as I read along, I am convinced it is just the work of some prankster. Either way, I found it amusing. Enjoy!

I agree: this is probably a prank. The idea of creating an indoor beach in Greenpoint, however, strikes me as being an excellent business proposition— especially for our older friends whose Social Security checks are not going as far they used to. Get a few lawn chairs, a cooler (or two) of PBR, charge admission and the rent will be paid in no time! You know how the saying goes:

If you build it, they will come!

Of course I also see the potential for this turning into some kind of Spahn Ranch kind arrangement and, well, we all know what that got us. Now that I think about it I have seen quite a few men in the greater 11222 area lately whose fashion sensibilities are of the Charles Manson and/or Tex Watson variety. In any case those of you who are interested in following up on this most unique employment opportunity can contact this Greenpoint grannie (aspiring Mrs. Robinson?— the bamboo around the bed begs the question) at:

peterpanofcarpenters (at) gmail (dot (com)

Good luck!

Miss Heather


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