Greenpoint Critter Watch: He’s BAAAAACK!

September 11, 2009 by
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Last night there was a flurry of excitement at Chez Shitty. I first noticed something was amiss when I walked into the bedroom to discover this.


It has been my experience that when I stumble upon three or more of our cats convened in such a manner it can only spell trouble. The fact our rather corpulent calico, Uni, has troubled to join in is even more disconcerting. You see, Miss Uni is without argument one of the laziest cats to ever to grace this planet. Even in the annals of catdom she would be considered an underachiever. Many (most) a day has come to pass when she sleeps on our bed for eight hours on a clip, waking up only to roll over. The craters she has left in our foam mattress pad is a testament to this and her ever-expanding girth. But I digress.

Suspecting that we had a “visitor” I grabbed the maglite and my camera.


Sure enough, our furry friend has returned in search of grub.


The fact he (or she) came at 9:00 p.m. is disquieting. He must be very hungry.


He didn’t pay our cats any mind and kept his distance— and they didn’t bother him. THANK GOD.

To be continued…

Miss Heather


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