From The New York Shitty Inbox: Mixed Signals?


New York Shitty reader, occasional tipster and soon to be ex-Greenpoint resident AMOJA writes (in an email entitled “MTA Hates Pedestrians”) :

Or, I’m guessing it’s the MTA.  They’ve finally gotten around to indicating why they’ve painted white and yellow lines on the Pulaski Bridge walkway.  On the LIC side, at least (I’m not sure about the Greenpoint side…I’m a terrible reporter*), there are pictographs indicating that the bridge is to be used by pedestrians…and mushroom headed bicyclists…


Confusingly, they’ve left the signs up telling people to dismount their bikes.  I feel my head is about to explode. Who is the genius that came up with this idea?  Are things really clearer now?


Given that this is a pedestrian walkway I would hazard to guess the entity responsible for this exercise in zen is the Department of Transportation, not the MTA. However, I am in agreement with AMOJA about the provenance of this plan; I too want to know who came up with this sterling idea. I also want to know how much it cost.

Miss Heather

*As the above photographs indicate, this has been done on the Brooklyn side of the bridge as well.


6 Comments on From The New York Shitty Inbox: Mixed Signals?

  1. kale on Thu, 24th Sep 2009 4:28 pm
  2. I ride this bridge quite a bit – it’s the worst case for both peds and cyclists. It’s about 3 feet too narrow.

    Peds are constantly on their phones or ipods, blocking a clear path for everyone. It’s really about time they painted some lines on McGuinness for cyclists (or god forbid – take one of the lanes to expand the path for all) who cross the bridge, before someone gets hit and people get even less receptive to bikes.

  3. missheather on Thu, 24th Sep 2009 4:34 pm
  4. I too am amazed by how people will walk around with iPods turned up full blast and/or walk down the sidewalk, oblivious to what is going around them, texting away. That said, the real solution to the problem is creating a separate pedestrian walkway and a bike lane. Not painting a bunch of lines.

  5. SpillConspirator on Thu, 24th Sep 2009 7:02 pm
  6. I’ve been walking the bridge quite alot to get to school. Bikers ride at an unreal speed over that bridge. I’d like to see DOT study it. Bikers are not held accountable in any way. If a biker speeds there is absolutely no way to complain about it. No identifying number, nothing. I think they should be required to tag and license the bike in some way.

  7. bitchcakes on Sun, 27th Sep 2009 12:04 pm
  8. As a frequent cyclist on this bridge/occasional pedestrian, I agree with pretty much everything covered here:
    1- Yes, it is too narrow for both pedestrians and cyclists.
    2- Yes, it is confusing – are they telling us we can bike Queens bound until that sign, at which point we are supposed to dismount mid-climb up the hill? Only to be slammed into by the biker behind us who doesn’t dismount? And at what point are we supposed to re-mount? Also, there is no dismount sign in the other direction. So WTF, DOT?
    3- Yes, I hate to admit it but I have encountered many cyclists who *are* assholes (although none as vile as on the Brooklyn Bridge. They are the most obnoxious I have encountered so far, making it awful for everyone.) Anyway, I am as cautious and considerate as possible when I bike. But even more so on a stretch like the Pulaski Bridge. It’s just as stressful for me as a cyclist as I’m sure it is for the pedestrians. It’s just not enough room for everyone.

    I would love if they gave us a bike lane on the bridge itself and kept the bike/walking path as a pedestrian only walkway. I have seen cyclists on the bridge with the cars and trucks. While I understand why they choose the car section over the footpath, it just looks so dangerous that I don’t want to try it.

  9. bitchcakes on Sun, 27th Sep 2009 12:05 pm
  10. PS I am also be in agreement that bikes should be registered like cars. In fact, I would be surprised if this does not happen in the next few years.

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