New York Shitty Day Starter: The Mother(f*cker) of Invention

November 1, 2009 by
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Not too long ago I was referred to by an angry member of the Community Board 1 Yahoo group as “a paranoid blogger who pounds away at a computer from the back of a junk shop”. Or something to that effect. I forget. Probably because I don’t care. Despite my protestations that:

  • I’m not paranoid…
  • but it doesn’t mean they’re not after me!

I feel some clarification about my nefarious activity/ies is necessary:

1. No computers are located in the back of the junk shop: the area in question is chock a block with records.
2. The “company computer” is located in the front of the store and its keyboard looks like this:


aside from being utterly filthy, you will notice some crucial keys are missing. The author of this mischief is also known to switch keys around for shits and giggles. Which brings me to why…

3. I rarely, if ever, blog from the junk shop.

This may very well change. Barack Obama promised change and I, feeling a fresh breath of empowerment and moxie, instituted a little change of my own this weekend. Behold, Junk Shop Keyboard 2.0!


What you are witnessing is an the product of diabolical ingenuity. I cannibalized an old Mac keyboard so as to replenish/rehabilitate the current one.


When faced when an obstacle (such as the lack of a left-hand shift key on both keyboards) I persevered and improvised. Which beings me to the diabolical part: after some field testing I deduced that most of the keys work. MOST. I’ll leave it up to my fellow imp to figure out which ones they are!

Miss Heather


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