More Late Night Fun From The New York Shitty Inbox

If the buzz in my inbox this morning is any indication, it would appear that last night was a lively one at the Garden Spot of the Universe. G writes:

I also heard some ruckus last night on Huron, perhaps it was the same ruckus, perhaps not. This was at about 11:30.

It was a domestic dispute between a couple in their 20s. One lives in the red building across from the papacitos garden on huron with the giant puerto rican flag that hangs out the window.

The girl was screaming that the guy had her house keys. Somehow, she got into his car and started it (it was a white Lexus). He was standing in front yelling for her to hit him or get out of his fucking car. Really really loud. I called the cops, a half hour or so passed and no one came. Eventually she got out and walked into her red building and he and a friend drove off. It seemed all bark no bite but, I was concerned. There are some young punks that hang out in front of that building and yell stuff, or throw fireworks out their windows quite often.

Alas, I guess it could be worse.


Miss Heather


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